Plenty of Picture Books Perfect for Kids Learning to Read

Little Excavator, Has Anyone Seen Winnie and Jean, Little Elliot, and Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus picture books for kids learning to read

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Practice Literacy Skills With These Sweet Reads

Little Excavator, Has Anyone Seen Winnie and Jean, Little Elliot, and Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus picture books for kids learning to read
  • What: Picture Books for Kids Learning to Read
  • When: 3 to 8 years
  • Why: Fun, large text, illustrated
  • Where: At home

Has your child developed a love for reading yet? Want to encourage their budding literacy skills? If they’ve advanced past the one word to matching picture phase of reading practice, these picture books offer more story and interest to keep their reading skills growing with their enthusiasm.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems book cover with pale blue cartoon pigeon on peach background with text bubble

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus: Mo Willems brings all the fun in his classic tale of a pigeon who really wants to realize his dream and lets nothing stop him. Kids will delight in the antics of this feathered friend as he tries almost anything to get his way. With multiple books featuring this insistent character, and lots of large text, kids can find plenty of practice reading.

Click Clack Moo Cows That Type picture book for kids by Doreen Cronin

Click Clack Moo: What happens when the cows start typing? In this hilarious farm tale, the resident bovines learn to communicate with lots of fun consequences. Kids will enjoy the story and the adorable pictures of farm animals demanding perks and better accommodations.

Let’s Count Goats: Bring their love of math and counting together to match up to their reading skills. These goats get into all sorts of fun situations as the book steadily increases the number of goats per page. Limited text keeps kids interested, and for extra fun they get lots of counting practice, too.

Little Elliot Big City picture book for kids by Mike Curato

Little Elliot: This tiny elephant has excellent illustrations sure to enthrall readers of many ages. The straightforward text gives them a chance to sound out more words, without getting overwhelmed by longer sentences or paragraphs per page.

Have You Seen Winnie and Jean? front cover picture book by E.B. McHenry

Winnie & Jean: These two pups can’t resist a good escape. Find out where they go on their escapades in this picture book packed with adventure. Follow the trail while devouring the rhyming text to help kids sound out these words.

Cover page from Little Excavator by Anna Dewdney kids picture book about small digger

Little Excavator: This tiny construction vehicle longs to do big work. Kids can sympathize with being a small person in a full-size world as they build their construction vocabulary. And it all ends with a sweet message that will encourage kids to keep trying.

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