The Best of the LEGO Universe for Kids

Best of LEGO Universe for kids Chain Reactions book, Porg Star Wars figure, burger truck, Friends treehouse, Play Cubes, Minecraft Pig House, Star Wars ship

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Go Beyond the Basic Brick

Best of LEGO Universe for kids Chain Reactions book, Porg Star Wars figure, burger truck, Friends treehouse, Play Cubes, Minecraft Pig House, Star Wars ship
  • What: LEGO Books and Toys
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Classic, entertaining, endless possibilities
  • Where: At home

Whether your child just received their first LEGO set, or these building bricks get everywhere underfoot in your household, this brand of building toys has lots to offer. From getting kids playing offscreen to bringing their favorite fantasies to life, LEGO has something for every interest. And this tiny toy brick offers tons of open-ended play options as well. Read on to find some of our favorites.

Lego helicopter police chase set with ATV motorcycle and armored vehicle

City: The LEGO City series has so much to offer. I’ve lost count of the number of sets we own from this collection. From police stations to vehicles, you can find almost anything kids can imagine. Want to add even more fun? Add some magnets to the mix.

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions book building kit for kids machines STEM

Chain Reactions: This book takes LEGO bricks in new directions. Add the elements like paper ramps, balls, and more to build awesome creations. The book provides ideas for lots of new projects, and also comes with extras like string in a case attached to the side of the spiral bound notebook. You can also find pages with foldable elements to use in various projects.

Star Wars: The legacy continues with these building sets. From the iconic Death Star and Millenium Falcon, to battle scenes across the galaxy, kids and adults alike can bring their favorite scenes to life. These sets range in size from just a few pieces to some of the biggest ever made.

Genius Lego Inventions with bricks you already have book by Sarah Dees

Genius Inventions: This book will inspire kids to do more with their brick collection. Once they finish with the LEGO instructions included with their set, they can turn those bricks into so many more things. While the book doesn’t include step-by-step instructions, it does let imaginations soar. 

LEGO Friends Ski Lift Set

Friends: These sets featuring a group of LEGO buddies bring more color and fun to the LEGO world. From bright pinks and purples to turquoise and beyond, this collection has a wide age appeal. The minifigures also come in a different shape and size. While the heads and head accessories can mix and match, the body pieces won’t interchange with the standard minifigures. 

LEGO Animal Atlas front cover

Animal Atlas: If your child loves LEGO animals, this book is for them. It explores the animal theme through multiple different habitats, including the jungle and ocean. It definitely inspires kids to go beyond the basic building blocks. And it offers plenty of fun facts to educate kids as they play.

LEGO Minecraft Llama Village, Pighouse, and more Minecraft Sets

Minecraft: If you want to bring the Minecraft fun offscreen, these LEGO sets have lots to offer. They feature the characters from the Minecraft world, with fun extras like interactive movements and brick accessories exclusive to this collection.

Cubes: These sweet cube play sets pack lots of action into tiny scenes. Each one includes a small number of bricks to assemble, as well as one minifigure and one animal. Kids can decorate their cubes with the different stickers which come included. With multiple series out, the cubes can connect together for more fun, or work great as small gifts or travel toys.

Lego brand square green base plate next to blue long double sided base plate

Base Plates: No matter which collection your child gravitates towards, base plates will improve their building experience. From small squares to giant boards, these basic plates make great building surfaces. They also make moving LEGO creations from place to place much simpler.

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