Raise the Next LEGO Champion With Help From This Book

The LEGO Ideas Book New Edition Micro Cityscape page with LEGO building by ten and eight year old kid

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Go Beyond Basic Brick Building

The LEGO Ideas Book New Edition Micro Cityscape page with LEGO building by ten and eight year old kid
  • What: LEGO Ideas Book
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Bring more life to your brick collection
  • Where: Amazon

Is your kid bored? Have a pile of LEGO sitting around and not sure what to do with it all? Has your kid given up on ever recreating that fabulous LEGO set following the instructions? If you want new and exciting ways to get your kids excited about their brick building sets, check out The LEGO Ideas Book New Edition.

The LEGO Ideas Book New Edition on Amazon

This book, like the LEGO Animal Atlas, does not offer step-by-step illustrated instructions. In fact, it doesn’t offer much in the way of instructions at all. It does, however, inspire kids to go beyond their basic sets and let their imaginations soar. With 200 pages of fresh ideas, kids can use their existing bricks to make tons of new things. Sections include Build Your World, Go Explore, Express Yourself, and Awesome Adventures. 

The LEGO Ideas Book table of contents
This book has tons of creative ways to use bricks.

Each page spread offers lots of photos of actual brick creations within the theme. For instance, the Rooftop Garden pages include a large photo of a multi-story building with a garden on top. It also shows a side view, with hints on adding fun design elements and a living wall of LEGO plants. One paragraph explains the concept, while other small text areas offer more ideas to inspire kids. Small boxes of text with photos help kids see the individual pieces and construction to build the bigger items.

The LEGO Ideas Book New Edition Rooftop Garden page spread
Each page features a different theme packed with text and images.

All three of my kids love this book. My youngest child, now eight years old, discovered this book in the library. They love it so much we may have to buy a copy. So far it’s inspired them to build micro scale city blocks and a harbor, as well as spaceships, drones, and more. I love seeing what they come up with, and they love building and playing with their creations. If you want even more ideas, you can also check out the original version of The LEGO Ideas Book. We have both, and they provide endless sources for building improvements.

The LEGO Ideas Book Original Version on Amazon

With zero screens involved, I call this a complete win for everyone involved. Now if only I could get them to pick up all the tiny LEGO pieces.

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