Roller Skates That Grow With Your Kid

Chicago Adjustable Junior Quad Skates for kids in blue and orange

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Quadruple Stability on Wheels

Chicago Adjustable Junior Quad Skates for kids in blue and orange
  • What: Chicago Adjustable Junior Quad Skates
  • When: 4 to 10 years
  • Why: Durable, adjustable, easy to use
  • Where: Amazon

While our kids still love their rollerblade sets, our youngest child prefers roller skates. We bought some several years ago, during the height of the pandemic as a way we could all get out together. And now, my child has returned to these skates after many months languishing in the garage. The best part? I didn’t need to buy a new pair despite how much he’s grown in the interim, thanks to the Chicago Adjustable Junior Quad Skates.

Chicago Adjustable Junior Quad Skates on Amazon

These roller skates come with the standard four wheel setup, with two wheels side by side in two rows. They also offer a toe brake to help kids push off and get going on skates, as well as stop easily. You can buy these skates in multiple different color combinations, including blue and orange, pink and teal, and purple and green. No matter which colors you choose, they all have the adjustable feature. The small size covers little kids wearing sizes 10 to 13 while the medium goes from big kid shoe sizes 1 to 4.

The hard plastic outside comes in two separate pieces. As your child grows, you can push on the large button tucked along the inside of the foot to move the toe portion further from the heel. Once you get that adjusted, the inner part adjusts, too. Remove the soft cushioning entirely, and use the hook and loop attachments to make the toe box roomier. You can also change the size of lining along the side with more hook and loop attachment points to get just the right fit.

These quad skates have two straps, one above the ankle and the other over the arch of the foot. The quick fasteners use a simple ratcheting system with a clip that locks in place, keeping the skates on your child’s feet. To release, simply press on the back of the clip to slide the straps in the opposite direction. Or undo the straps entirely to make a wider opening for removing the skates.

Chicago Adjustable Junior Quad skates on eight year old skating on wet concrete pad
Our eight year old wearing his adjustable skates.

The sturdy wheels hold up to skating on all types of surfaces, both indoor and outdoor. Some skating rinks have restrictions on what kind of wheel material they allow to avoid marks on their flooring, so check before you go if that’s your planned use. But if you want to use them on sidewalks, unoccupied basketball or tennis courts, or anywhere else out and about, know that the materials can stand up to just about any conditions.

Unlike the roller blades, this set doesn’t come with a helmet or any pads, so you’ll have to purchase those separately. But given how many years your child can wear these adjustable skates, you won’t have any trouble justifying the purchase of extra protection. 

Get your child rolling today with these super stable and easy to adjust roller skates made just for growing kids.

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