New Uses for Old Things: Little Kitchen Helpers Reimagined

Multiple types of dice from board games stored in small IKEA Pruta food container

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These Small Items Can Work Harder

Multiple types of dice from board games in small IKEA Pruta food container
  • What: New Uses for Old Things: Kitchen Helpers Reimagined
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Repurpose things you already own, buy less
  • Where: At home

Have your tiny tots grown into bigger kids? Do you have some supplies lying around taking up storage space while waiting to get donated or repurposed? Whether your little one has finally started school, or you have a new baby on the way, these kid items can be used for much more than their intended purpose.

IKEA Pruta small food storage container holding different types of dice
Dice store readily inside these small food containers.

Food Containers: If you spent quality time making your own baby food, or otherwise ended up with lots of small single serving food storage containers, try this trick. Instead of storing food, these small boxes with lids work great for keeping track of marbles for marble runs, or dice and other small pieces from board games. They can also keep those choking hazards less accessible for younger siblings, but still handy for older kids. Even cracked containers no longer useful for food or liquids work great for these items.

marbles from q ba maze and other marble run inside Innobaby clear round baby food snack container with lid
Marbles also store in containers sized for baby food portions.

Baby Washcloths: These thin cloths work wonders for reaching all the little spots where babies accumulate gunk. But once kids pass the infant and toddler stage, and you don’t need to find all the food remaining under their chin, try repurposing these soft cloths as napkins for kids. They wash well, you won’t care if they get stained from all the frozen blueberries, and they pack well into lunch boxes and backpacks. Now you only have to convince your kids these cloths work better as napkins than their clothing or your upholstery. 

Bento box lunch box holding tiny kids toys and pieces
Lunch boxes contain tiny toys with ease.

Lunch Boxes: If you have an unused lunch box laying around, consider repurposing it into a busy box for kids. Or keep a collection of small toys contained for easier storage. These bigger boxes with different sized sections can accommodate toys for traveling, or make a handy craft box for corralling all those art supplies. They fit easily inside bags and backpacks LINK when traveling. And they often stack to keep toys and other items neatly contained when not in use. 

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