Universal Standard Mystery Box 2023 Review: Weekend 

Universal Standard Weekend Mystery Box 2023 screenshot

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Easy, Comfy Clothing Bundled for Saving

  • What: Universal Standard Weekend Mystery Box
  • When: February 2023
  • Why: Big discounts on size-inclusive clothing
  • Where: Universal Standard

If you haven’t met Universal Standard, all you need to know is that they make women’s clothing for every body. Sizes includes petites all the way to 4XL, and models range in age, size, and skin tones. But if you don’t want to pay full price, be sure to mark your calendar for their annual sale each February, called Mystery Boxes.

I’m not an influencer and in no way affiliated with Universal Standard. I don’t receive any free products, discounts, or other services. But I’ve been shopping this sale for four years for good reason. If you want to consider an introduction to the brand, you won’t find a better time than Mystery Box season (or right after!).

Universal Standard
This box included three pieces and cost $154.

The big sale runs for about a week each February. This year, the sale began on February 15th and went until the 22nd. Essentially, you buy a grab bag of clothing items. They offer a variety of different types of boxes, from casual clothing to luxury selections. You pick the type of box and enter your size, and they choose the clothing for you. This year I bought four boxes, and this review covers my third box, the Weekend option. (You can check out my reviews of the limited edition Now Trending Box and Athleisure Box, too.) 

I like comfy clothes and I rarely dress up. My idea of a nice outfit these days consists of jeans or other pants that don’t have an elastic waistband. So when I heard they would be offering a Weekend Box, I knew I wanted to try it. 

Universal Standard Weekend Mystery Box 2023 description screenshot
The description hinted at casual but cute clothing.

Unlike many of the other boxes in the sale collection, this box did not get released on February 15th. Instead, it came out midday through the sale promotion, on Saturday, February 18th. I bought my box the same day because I didn’t want to miss out. As with all mystery boxes, shipping is free, but it can take a while. My box didn’t get delivered until March 8th. Delivery dates can vary depending on your exact location, too.

This box promised three cozy but cute items, exactly what I wanted. Unlike some of the boxes, where everyone received the exact same two or three items, this box varied from person to person. Each box generally contained one top, one pair of pants, and one casual dress. My particular box came with the Zoe Half Zip Funnel Neck Pullover, the Heather Brushed Terry Drawstring Trouser, and the Haile T-Shirt Dress, all in size 2XS (which is equivalent to a 6 to 8 in most brands).

I already own this dress in a different color.

I’ll start with my least favorite. I already own a Haile dress in deep marine, because I can’t resist a dress with pockets. I have owned that one for more than a year and worn it exactly twice. This dress has a relaxed fit that still offers a modest shape. While there is nothing wrong with it, I discovered the Helen dress (thanks, Mystery Box 2022!) and immediately preferred that style. So I knew when I saw this black Haile I didn’t even need to remove it from the package. I also don’t love black, so I moved on.

Universal Standard Zoe Half Zip Funnel Neck Pullover in Ivy
I own this sweatshirt in a shade of blue from a previous Mystery Box.

The next item was the Zoe sweatshirt in Ivy. I’m still on the fence about this particular selection. I already own a different sweatshirt from the same company in the same color, and it has a front kangaroo pocket I love. I also already own the Zoe, which comes with a half zip, in a blue color. It is one of the sweatshirts I reach for least often. I like the zipper detail, because it gives the sweatshirt some edge and also makes it a cinch to get on and off. But the zipper can catch your hair, and like most US sweatshirts, the hem sits right at the waist. I may end up keeping this style because I use sweatshirts a lot, but Zoe isn’t my favorite.

Universal Standard Heather Brushed Terry Drawstring Jogger pants in pebble khaki color
These pants have a very soft feel to them.

My third and final item was the Heather Joggers in pebble, which is essentially a khaki color. The website touts them as super soft and having a “peach skin” feel. That wording describes them perfectly. The material has a super soft touch to the outside, and it is hard to resist. I don’t love the pebble color, because I have three kids and dirt, stains, and other things happen to my clothing on a regular basis. The drawstring waist gives them a lot of flexibility, though. They also feature a cuff hemmed with a 27 inch inseam. That probably works great for shorter people, but I’m 5’ 7” and prefer more length in my pants. My cold ankles don’t appreciate the shorter length. But I love the soft material so much I’m overlooking the shorter length and willing to experiment with the color. I happen to have a sweater in the same color family that will pair perfectly with these pants as well.

Universal Standard Heather Brushed Terry Drawstring Jogger in pebble with 27 inch inseam hitting above ankle
These pants hit above the ankle. on me.

Like all Mystery Box items, these three are final sale, which means no returns or exchanges. But there’s a vibrant and very supportive Buy, Sell, and Trade group on Facebook, and you can often find these items at other online places like Poshmark. I’ve already traded Haile for an item that works much better for me.

If I like two out of three items in any given box, I consider it a win and usually come out ahead. Although I’m only definitely keeping one of the three items in this box, it was still worth it for me. I paid $154 total. The Haile dress retails for $88, the Zoe sweatshirt for $112, and the Heather joggers for $94, bringing the total value of the box to $294, for a savings of $140. I’d love to have received more styles new to my closet to try. But as I buy more clothing from US, I’m less likely to get things I haven’t already tried. I won’t buy another pair of Heather Joggers because of the length, but I have already gotten some comfortable wear out of this pair.

Universal Standard Zoe Half Zip Funnel Neck Sweatshirt in ivy and Heather Brushed Terry Jogger in pebble shown in natural light
You can see the colors of both the sweatshirt and pants here in natural light.

If you’re willing to experiment with colors and styles, it may be worth trying for yourself, especially if you’re not afraid to resell items that don’t work for you. If you prefer to choose your own colors or styles, you’re better off waiting for other sales throughout the year.

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