This Non-Traditional Container Makes an Excellent Easter Basket Substitute

toddler sitting in rocking chair with red spielstabil bucket

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Get a Sturdy Bucket Kids Can Use Year Round

toddler sitting in rocking chair with red spielstabil bucket
  • What: Easter Buckets
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Useful, easy to store
  • Where: At home

If you have a small child and celebrate Easter, consider going non-traditional with your chosen container. Forget the fancy Easter basket and grab a bucket instead. It can save you money and headaches.

Toddler carrying easter basket bucket filled with eggs on grass
Buckets make it easy for little hands to handle.

Everyone loves Easter baskets at this time of year. Who doesn’t want their baby’s first Easter photos to be with a beautifully woven and colorful basket? (Hint: Giant bunnies can make some kids cry, so don’t count on those photos turning out quite how you imagined.) But if you stop to consider, you, too, might realize buckets are better.

Girl with pink and purple plastic Easter eggs sorted by color to hunt
Buckets come in lots of different materials and colors, like the felt one seen here.

First, you use an Easter basket once a year, tops. Take it from me. With three kids, that means we need three different baskets, because they definitely cannot share. That means we have to store three baskets the other 364 days of the year. And baskets make storage tricky. Those handles may not budge, making it hard to nest them inside one another unless you get  different sizes. And trust me, once your kids get bigger, you do not want to navigate why one kid gets a bigger basket each year. The woven material can catch on other items. And that pesky handle often means the basket won’t fit inside even some of the larger plastic storage containers. If you leave the baskets in a bag or even hanging, guess who else loves woven materials? Don’t invite your local rodents to enjoy a nesting buffet at your expense.

Young child hunting Easter eggs in grass with white picket fence
Easter buckets work great during the egg hunt.

Now you may wonder, if kids don’t use a basket, what do they use? Do you just hand them a plastic bag from the store and call it good? You certainly could. But if you want a sturdy container that will get lots of action, consider getting your child a nice, festive Easter bucket. You can find buckets in a wide range of sizes and colors. They offer lots of alternate uses, like digging in the dirt, carrying water, and holding toys. Kids have no trouble handling them, and can easily fill them with eggs. They have nice sturdy bottoms so they don’t tip. And the smooth sides don’t get caught on any clothing or other items. Plus, buckets hold up well in inclement weather. So if the weather forecast doesn’t turn out quite like you hoped, you don’t have to worry about all your kids’ eggs falling out of a soggy bottom.

If you want a solid choice for your child to carry on Easter Sunday and beyond, consider choosing a nice solid bucket. Need help finding the right one? Check out our favorite brand of bucket.

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