Expand Your Child’s Horizons With This Stuffed Toy

Squishable Venus Fly Trap Stuffed Animal in regular and min sizes next to each other

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Include Some Plants With Your Animals

Squishable Venus Fly Trap Stuffed Animal in regular and
  • What: Squishable Venus Fly Tray Stuffed Animal
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Multiple sizes, unusual, fun
  • Where: Squishable

With spring finally arriving, and weather warming up, maybe you want to grow your child’s stuffed animal collection. No? Well, when they want to collect more, and you get tired of the standard teddy bear and other animals, try expanding their horizons with this spin on the classic. Get your hands on the Squishable Venus Fly Trap without worrying about feeding it flies.

Squiahsable Venus Fly Trap stuffed animal plant toy for kids
This adorable stuffed animal has tons of character.

This flowering carnivorous plant belies the soft plush fabric and bright colors, both of which will attract plenty of kids but no flies. Like all Squishable stuffed animals, it consists of high quality materials. The plush fabric will delight kids of all ages. A bright red mouth comes lined with more structure underneath, allowing it to hold its shape wide open. Don’t overlook the pink tongue, which hangs out, the better to capture passing insects. Small felt teeth line the top and bottom of the mouth, while several fuzzy leaves extend underneath the oversized head. A couple of tentacles in purple and green curve out from below the leaves.

back of Squishable
This stuffed plant has lots of little details that make it extra appealing.

Each plant comes with a tag that offers the toy’s assigned name and hints about its personality. Venus prefers vegan muffins and sunny days, among other things. This fun plant friend requires zero watering and thrives even in poor light conditions. As one of the selections from The Mysterious Dr. Plague, it comes in four sizes. Choose from the standard 24 by 19 inch sized version. Or enjoy the more petite mini 7 by 6.5 inch option. Want to go even bigger? The massive plant measures a whopping 33 x 26 inches huge. Or go micro with the keychain version, which clocks in at just three inches tall and wide. All come planted in the softest brown pots and will last long beyond any real plant your child might bring home.

Squishable Venus Fly Trap stuffed animal plant toy with mouth magnet closure
A hidden magnet lets the mouth close.

My daughter received a windfall, and chose to buy not one but two of these stuffed plants. She loves sleeping with the soft toys and feeding them whatever ignites her imagination. She has one parent and one child, so they can keep each other company. They both occupy her bedroom, and brighten up the space with their quirky personality. Each one also features a tiny magnet hidden inside those brightly colored jaws, which may or may not be up to the task of keeping the mouth closed.

If you’re looking for something a little more inventive in the stuffed toy department, or you just want a plant your child will love, look no further than the Squishable Venus Fly Trap.

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