Inspire Your Child With Books That Encourage Natural Talents

Rosie Revere Engineer book by Andrea Beaty close up illustration of main character with cheese spray hat

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Inventive Picture Books for Kids

Rosie Revere Engineer book by Andrea Beaty close up illustration of main character with cheese spray hat
  • What: The Questioneers Picture Books
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Inspiring, fun, educational
  • Where: Amazon

Do you want your child to see themselves in more roles than typical kids’ books? Have you met the fabulous students in Miss Greer’s second grade class? Each of these delightful characters has a distinct personality, and none of them see any need to wait to achieve their individual dreams. If you want to encourage your child, check out these selections or any others from The Questioneers picture book series by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts.

Rosie Revere, Engineer: Meet the intrepid young designer who started it all. Rosie may remind you of someone, but don’t let her style fool you. She’s dreaming of big contraptions and not afraid to experiment with whatever she has on hand. Let your tiny dreamer think big thanks to this little engineer.

Iggy Peck's Big Project Book for Amazing Architects by Andrea Beaty

Iggy Peck, Architect: This builder won’t let lack of materials stop his ambitions. He can build almost anything from next to nothing. But a lack of encouragement doesn’t make him hesitate when his class needs his skills. Kids will learn to persevere thanks to this budding builder and his architectural ambitions.

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez book cover by Andrea Beaty

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez: Sofia knows the value of community involvement. When someone tells her kids can’t do big things, she proves them wrong in this sweet and inspiring tale featuring a girl with a colorful background. See what your kids get inspired to do thanks to this uplifting read.

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