Easter Advice From Experienced Parents

Infant wearing bunny ears headband with easter basket on first Easter

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Get Organized Before the Bunny Delivers

Infant wearing bunny ears headband with easter basket on first Easter
  • What: Easter advice
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Learn from others’ mistakes
  • Where: At home

Have you started to imagine the pitter patter of little feet? No, we don’t mean you’re expecting! It’s spring time, and that means the Easter Bunny will be on his way soon. If you need help filling their baskets with goodies, making sure the hunt doesn’t end in tears, or choosing the best baskets (hint – it may not be a basket!), look no further than this handy list.

Easter basket with movable handle stuffed with purple Peep plush, plastic eggs, wind up chick toy, and Sloth pencil pouch and tiny crocheted plant pot covers

Easter Basket Booty: From books to toys, if you want to include something beside treats in your child’s Easter basket, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top choices to delight every little one after the bunny pays a visit.

Easter basket filled with edible grass, yellow small stuffed Peep, plastic eggs, wind up chick toy, Easter Mad Libs, and music player

Best Easter Baskets: Find out which features we value most in baskets. From movable handles to varying sizes, review these qualities before you invest in your child’s next Easter container. Then decide for yourself what works best for your household.

Cadbury Creme Egg and chocolate creme egg on countertop

Tasty Easter Egg Goodies: If you want to fill a batch of eggs without breaking the bank, consider some of these small options. Perfect for filling plastic eggs of almost any size, these edibles come in big batches that split easily into smaller amounts. Find your child’s favorite and let the hunt begin.

Edible Easter grass pack pink color strawberry flavor

Edible Easter Grass: This basket grass comes in different colors, each with its own distinct flavors. While no one in my household loves any of them, I like the fact that the edible grass composts. That means if it falls out of their basket during the big hunt, I don’t have to worry about the plastic remaining for decades.

Easter Mad Libs easter basket shaped fill in the blank word game pad

Easter Mad Libs: Put a seasonal spin on the classic fill-in-the-blank game. Kids get practice with parts of speech like verbs and nouns, while everyone enjoys the hilarity that ensues. We like to play over the dinner table, but anytime is a great time for these festive themed anecdotes.

Bowl of goldfish crackers in mixed flavors

Easter Alternatives to Candy: Whether you prefer healthier alternatives or you have a kid with food allergies, non-candy egg contents can go a long way. These ideas all fit easily inside a plastic egg but go beyond the idea of collecting oodles of candies and sweets.

Toddler carrying easter basket bucket filled with eggs on grass

Easter Buckets: If you want the best container for your next Easter egg hunt, look no further than a solid bucket. Not only will kids be able to use this handy bucket well after the bunny delivers, but it keeps eggs and other goodies safe on Easter Sunday, too.

Green and yellow plastic Easter eggs emptied on ground in pile

Easter Egg Hunt Help: Want to avoid one child getting all the Easter booty during the big event? Try these tips for making your next event go smoothly. Whether you’ve got kids in multiple age groups searching for eggs simultaneously or someone with special dietary restrictions, these hints will make everything simpler.

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