The Best Kid Dishes to Last Through Childhood

Target PIllowfort Plastic dishes for kids bowls and plates in six bright colors stacked together

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Virtually Indestructible Dishware

Target PIllowfort Plastic dishes for kids bowls and plates in six bright colors stacked together
  • What: Best Kid Dishes
  • When: 6 months to
  • Why: Affordable, durable, colorful
  • Where: IKEA or Target

Have a child transitioning to solid foods? Maybe you want some sturdy dishes you won’t ever have to replace. If you need an excellent choice for kid-proof dishes, look no further than these two choices.

IKEA Kalas kid dishes plates stacked on
These IKEA dishes have lasted for more than a decade.

IKEA Kalas: This set of BPA-free plastic dishes comes in a mix of six colors. Choose from plates, cups, bowls, or silverware. The price point can’t be beat in store, though you can also order online from Amazon. We got our set of these dishes more than a decade ago and still have them all. We got two sets of plates, bowls, and cups, for a total of 12 dishes. Though if you have fewer that 3 kids, you might get by with one set of six. 

They are by far the most used dishes in our house, and both microwave and dishwasher safe. Kids can throw them on the floor with zero effect. (They don’t even make a satisfying noise when they land.) They stack nicely for compact storage and hold up to all sorts of abuse, including practice cutting with actual knives. Our old set features bright colors, while the newest version offers pale pastels instead. Otherwise, the design has barely changed, meaning you can restock anytime. 

Target Pillowfort kid dishes in bright colors, cups, bowls, and plates stacked inside cabinet
These bright Pillowfort dishes also hold up really well and cost next to nothing.

Target Pillowfort: We got this set of six kid dishes almost three years ago, when we needed something sturdy but compact for our travel trailer. While they haven’t gotten quite as much use as the IKEA option, all five of us eat out of them regularly. They’ve been through the dishwasher and microwave countless times. And they hand wash easily enough even my kids do it when a dishwasher isn’t available. You can get a six pack of plates, bowls, cups, and utensils. We have all four, and love the bright colors that make it easy to tell which dish belongs to which person. At this low price, you can afford to buy multiple sets, though the only real risk requiring replacement is losing one. You can also get various divided plates, though they don’t stack as well in cabinets or drawers. (We love ours for a bathroom tray, though!) Expect to pay about three dollars for a set of six.

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