Stuff I Still Use: Spring and Summer Essentials

JJ Cole picnic blanket folded up, glitter kid Crocs shoes, baby links on travel cosmetic bag

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Weather and Wear Proof Gear That Goes Beyond the Baby Year

JJ Cole picnic blanket folded up, glitter kid Crocs shoes,
  • What: Spring and summer essentials
  • When: Beyond the baby years
  • Why: Durable, versatile, long lasting
  • Where: At home

With the weather finally warming up here in the Pacific Northwest, we have busted out our best spring and summer items. And some things never go out of season, despite the fact that our kids are no longer infants or toddlers. Check out these three things we still use despite having owned them for a decade or longer.

Crocs glitter clogs orange sorbet color child's size 2

Crocs: These plastic shoes remain a staple in our household. Every family member has their own pair. The kids have been wearing them since they ran through spray parks and wading pools. Since these shoes float, we never have to worry about losing one. And now both of us parents have our own pair as well. Check out all the styles and colors to get the right size for your kids, or yourself.

Links: This baby gear saved us multiple times from toys tossed overboard during walks or in the car. But we still use them many years later for hanging items, linking clothes together, or just to keep things in easy reach. See where yours end up before you pass them along.

J J Cole Outdoor picnic blanket

Picnic Blanket: We purchased this weatherproof picnic blanket with our firstborn to enjoy some outdoor time before he could do more than roll over. After over ten years, we still use it. We take it for potlucks with friends at the park, to outdoor concerts, as a water-resistant surface at the beach, and more. It packs up into its own carrying bag, making it easy to transport and store, but covers lots of ground for an entire family when spread out.

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