Indulge Yourself With This Self Care Treat

Fresh Sugar lip balm in Advanced Therapy tube, caramel pot, blood orange pot in box

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Sumptuous Balm for Lip Love

Fresh Sugar lip balm in Advanced Therapy tube, caramel pot, blood orange pot in box
  • What: Fresh Sugar Lip Balm
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Indulgent, wide variety, small
  • Where: Amazon or Fresh Sugar

Ever feel like indulging yourself? Want to give yourself a treat that doesn’t add calories or make you feel guilty? Though I love Juice Beauty and LUSH for my normal skin care routine, when I want something special, I splurge on Fresh Sugar Lip Balm.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Rose in Amazon

I stumbled upon this brand completely by accident more than three years ago when perusing the cosmetic section of my local department store. You know you’re new to the brand when you can’t get the container open. The top of the lipstick shaped tube screws off, instead of lifting off like many other lipsticks and balms. Inside, you’ll find some luxurious soothing balm made from sugar and vitamin E. Fresh Sugar offers even more indulgent flavors in small pots.

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in mini size Advanced Therapy untinted tube and
This brand of lip balm comes in either a tube or a pot.

The lip balm comes in twelve different colors, from the original untinted to a range of pink and neutral shades. Each one comes lightly tinted so they work with almost any skin tone. Or go with the Advanced Therapy clear option. These lip balms come in full size or you can often find them in a mini option, which works great for clutches and other tiny bags or pockets. I wouldn’t use this brand as my everyday protection, because they don’t rate well on my beloved EWG. Fresh Sugar’s website does, however, list every ingredient they use, which makes it easier to decide for yourself. For an occasional pick me up, I love the small size and variety as well as lux feeling containers. 

Fresh Sugar Blood orange lip balm in box, mini Advanced Therapy tube, caramel
The mini tubes take up even less room than the pots.

I love both types of balm in sticks and pots. The mini size, which you can often find in a set like this one on Amazon, comes with a more affordable price point, fits perfectly into pockets and purses. When I pulled mine out recently and discovered it was nearly empty, I immediately added more to my wish list. While I can certainly get by without this little treat, why go through life without a few indulgences? They make great gifts for new moms, or anyone who loves something out of the ordinary.

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