Bring the Bling to Your Kid’s Next Bike Ride

Child riding pink and white bike wearing hot pink wipeout helmet decorated with dry erase markers

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The Best Bike Accessories for Kids

Child riding pink and white bike wearing hot pink wipeout helmet decorated with dry erase markers
  • What: Bike accessories for kids
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, safe
  • Where: At home

Ready to brush the dust off your child’s bike? Got a kid who hesitates to ride frequently? Whether you want to encourage them to start pedaling or reinvigorate their love of biking, these items can make biking more fun for kids of all ages.

Wipeout helmet with five dry erase markers

Helmets: You can’t have fun without being safe. Let your child express their own unique style with a helmet that also provides lots of protection. This write on helmet comes with markers in six different colors, so kids can add their own decorative touch. Want a new design? Wipe the old one off and let them start again. These helmets come in multiple base colors, like pink, green, and blue, so kids can choose their favorite.

Kidzamo pink butterfly kid bike pedals replacement

Pedals: Switch out their normal pedals for ones with more flair. Bright butterflies offer a wide non-slip surface but also add a fun and festive look to give their ride more style. Or choose dinosaur footprints to bring some extra pizazz to the game. Both types switch out with most standard pedals, and kids love the bright colors.

Dolly Come Ride With Me baby doll bike seat in hot pink with heart cutouts and Velcro straps

Doll Bike Seat: Make it easy to take their favorite doll or stuffed animal along with them thanks to this affordable toy seat. It attaches to the seat post of many bikes, including balance bikes. Kids will need the seat slightly raised on some models to have enough room to attach the seat. Easy hook and loop closures let them load and unload their passengers without any assistance. You can even get a tiny helmet to keep dolls safe.

Activ Life 2 Tire Pack LED Bike Wheel Lights

Lights: Lights aren’t just for safety. They make it extra fun. Get lights that intertwine with bike wheels for extra visibility and flashy appeal. Choose from multiple colors with these battery powered lights that install in minutes.

Sunlite Squeeze Horn in Shark shape kids bike horn bell

Bells and Horns:  Bells offer another way to add a little personal bling to their bike, and increase rider safety, too. Choose from many different types and colors. We love this twisty one which makes ringing a breeze. Or try a fun shaped horn, like this shark option. Attach your child’s favorite to the handlebar and let them try it out on their next ride.

Ride Along Dolly kids light up bike basket white with colored stripes and light up flower and butterfly

Basket: If your kids want more accessories when they arrive or snacks for the ride, a basket makes all the difference. You can get a smaller light up option for more style points. Or choose a colorful mesh basket that can travel both on the handlebars or with your child once they arrive at their destination. Either way, baskets make a great place for water bottles, snacks, toys, and much more.

Topeak Baby bicycle seat attached over real wheel of bike

Toddler Bike Seat: If your little one isn’t quite ready to ride yet, they can still come along thanks to this bike seat. It comes with a three point harness and attaches over the back wheel of most bikes. The included rack makes installation easy, and if you get a spare rack, you can switch the seat from bike to bike without an issue. Footrests don’t leave little feet dangling, and the padded interior cleans easily but adds extra comfort.

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