Capture the Beauty of Butterflies with This Kit for Kids

Girl holding monarch butterfly on cup she raised in a butterfly garden habitat

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Raise Your Own Caterpillars

Girl holding monarch butterfly on cup she raised in a butterfly garden
  • What: Butterfly Garden
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Easy, educational, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

I don’t know about you, but around here, we’re welcoming spring. I am so excited for warm spring days, fresh flowers, birds returning, and the general growing season. And what’s more springlike than butterflies? Whether you’ve got a kid obsessed with these winged creatures or want a science experiment kids will love, get your own Butterfly Garden.

Butterfly Garden with Caterpillars on Amazon

You don’t need an actual garden or even any outdoor space to be successful with this project. The kit comes with everything kids need to hatch their own butterflies, from caterpillars to flying beauties. Choose from two options. Get a kit that already includes five caterpillars to grow. Or buy the kit with everything but the caterpillars, which includes a voucher to send off for your caterpillars.

Girl holding purple flower shaped butterly
The purple flower feeder comes in both kits.

The choice is yours. Either way, you get a butterfly feeder shaped like a purple flower. It comes with two sugar packets for mixing butterfly food, and a dropper to make adding the liquid sustenance simple. The clear container makes it easy to watch all the action. 

Butterfly Garden habitat with monarch butterflies inside
This habitat has plenty of room for multiple butterflies.

My daughter got a similar kit for her birthday more than four years ago. She successfully raised multiple butterflies and released them. While we’ve never tried raising more caterpillars, we use the habitat all the time.

Pop up insect
Our habitat has been home to many critters, including this tiny green frog.

It has provided a temporary home to a variety of creepy crawly critters. Much to my relief, none of them have escaped. The mesh lets air pass through easily, and provides a great climbing surface for all sorts of inhabitants. It’s super easy to clean and compacts down flat when stored.

Girl watching butterflies in
Kids can see all the action thanks to the mesh sides and clear top.

If you just want a habitat, that’s an option, too. You can purchase similar pop-up homes as well. If your child’s bug collection has outgrown their small bug house or they collect more critters with their bug vacuum than they can contain, a pop up enclosure can be a wonderful solution to all your bug housing issues.

Kids releasing monarch butterflies grown in butterfly garden kit habitat
My kids loved releasing the butterflies they’d raised.

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