Reduce Travel Stress When Flying Thanks to This Website

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Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Your Next Flight

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  • What: FlightAware
  • When: Traveling
  • Why: Stay updated on travel information
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Got big summer travel plans? Traveling by air any time soon? If you haven’t already discovered FlightAware, be sure to check it out before your next airplane trip.

Busy arrivals terminal withe people waiting curbside at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport
Avoid spending unnecessary time at the airport thanks to this informative website.

Whether you travel for business, pleasure, or both, this website gives you the lowdown on your flight. Unlike airline specific sites, Flight Aware offers data not tied to profits. Simply enter your flight number and airline to find out if your flight will be on time.

You can also track your flight path, including a map with weather systems that could impact your travel. You can find out the location of your plane if it hasn’t yet reached your departure airport. (Hint: If that flight gets delayed, the odds of your flight taking off late increase.) And it also gives a history of the same flight number, so you can see for yourself how often the plane took off and landed on time.

FlightAware mobile screenshot with information and map for Delta flight 309
Get the latest information on your flight.

I use this tracker every time we have plane tickets. I generally check my flight number the day before to get a sense of how often the flight has gotten delayed recently. On the day of our departure, I make sure my flight looks on time before I leave the house, since I prefer to sit at home rather than spend extra hours in the airport. I’ve been using this site for years – so long, in fact, that I can’t remember when I started.

If you want to avoid making the trek to the airport only to find out your flight has been delayed, make sure to include Flight Aware as part of your pre-flight checklist.

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