Treat Your Lips With This Affordable Balm

EOS lip blam sticks

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Get Great Lip Care Without Breaking the Bank

EOS lip balm stick in Dulce de Leche scent in pale peach, bright orange, and hot pink container
  • What: EOS Lip Balm
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Affordable, indulgent, non-toxic
  • Where: Amazon or EOS

Want to keep little lips hydrated without breaking the bank? Looking for fun flavors kids and adults both will like? EOS offers a wide range of lip balms to fit any mood.

EOS 100% Natural Vanilla Bean Lip Balm Sticks on Amazon

EOS, which stands for evolution of smooth, began in 2006. Available in the United States since 2009, it has quickly taken a big cut of the marker. By 2015, it was the second best-selling lip balm worldwide. It has since ranked consistently in the top-selling brands of lip balms, with good reason.

EOS uses all natural ingredients and focuses on the scent of their lip care as well as the case. Their brightly colored packaging and unusual spherical container got lots of attention, even from some big name celebrities. Since becoming mainstream, they have branched out with limited edition flavors as well, including Pumpkin Creme Brulee and Candy Cane Swirl. You can also get some of their more popular flavors with SPF 50.

EOS stick lip balm in Toasted Marshmallow and Dulce de Leche scents
EOS offers a wide range of flavors in brightly colored packaging.

With costs ranging from under $3 for a single tube to $20 for a pack of nine, you can afford to try different kinds. Many scents in the 100% Natural line have a EWG Healthy Living rating of 2, which means they fall into the safe green category and have no known concerns. With the recyclable containers in both the tube and sphere options, you can feel good about putting these products on your mouth over and over again.

I keep these lip balms handy in my bag, pocket, and in the bathroom. I find myself reapplying constantly throughout the day, not because I need more. But I love the scent and smooth feel of this brand.

EOS Sweet Treats variety pack of four stick lip balm flavors
You can get multiple flavors in one pack.

The tubes fit better in most places, but I’ve also tried the sphere product packaging. The sphere offers more surface area for applying the lip balm, and also works better for finger application (if you share lip balms with your kids). But overall I prefer the slimmer tubes that twist up, making it easy to get the last bits of balm out near the end. I also love the bright colors and the recyclable plastic.

If you want to treat your lips without breaking the bank, choose your favorite flavor from the EOS selection, or try something new. Your lips will thank you.

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