Try This Squishy Sensory Science Experiment Sure To Please Kids

Child holding three stress balls she made with Squshy Ball Science Kit from Mindware Science Academy

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When Science and Fun Collide

Child holding three stress balls she made with Squshy Ball Science Kit from Mindware Science Academy
  • What: Squishy Ball Science Kit
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Educational, hands-on, affordable
  • Where: Amazon or Mindware

Have a kid who can’t keep their hands still? Want a fun science project that ends with a useful toy? Check out this Squishy Ball Science Kit by MindWare Science Academy.

Squishy Ball Science Kit on Amazon

Aimed at kids ages eight and older, this kit comes with enough ingredients to make multiple squishy balls. It includes three translucent balloons, three bags of glue, three packets of activator, a mixing bowl, a funnel, two wooden stir sticks, red and blue food coloring, glitter, and beads. Kids can follow the step-by-step instructions to learn how chemicals react, and create their own stress-relieving balls.

Sqjuishy Ball Science Kit from Mindware Science Academy with child mixing purple glue with activator and glitter n bowl
The mixture gets very sticky and slimy after combining the ingredients.

Mix the glue base and the dye, before adding beads and glitter as desired. Once everything gets combined by stirring, add the entire packet of activator mix. Then, attach the funnel to one of the balloons and ooze the thick, slimy colorful mixture through the funnel into the balloon. Tie the balloon off and voila! Kids have created their very own squishy stress-relieving ball.

Inserting slime mixture into balloon using funnel from Squishy Ball Science Kit from Mindware
Getting the mixture into the balloon is a two person job best done over a protected surface.

This project is best done outdoors, on a surface that can handle stains and spills. Whatever you do, don’t wash any of the mixture down your drain! Once you mix the glue and activator, the jelly-like substance can be hard to funnel. We experimented with adding the activator after filling the balloon with glue, but wouldn’t recommend that approach. Instead, by the third ball, we had more success adding small amounts of the gel mixture to the funnel instead of all at once.

Ten year old child holding red, blue, and purple stress balls she made with Squishy Ball Science Kit
This kit makes three squishy balls, either all at once or one at a time.

If you’re up for some scientific adventure, try this kit with your kids. It works best with adult supervision even with kids who can follow instructions and clean up messes on their own.

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