Take Flight With This Star Wars Graphic Novel Series

Yoda said page from Star Wars: Jedi Academy graphic novel book for kids

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When Jedi Plans Go Awry

Star Wars: Jedi Academy by Jeffrtcover of book one from the graphic novel series
  • What: Star Wars: Jedi Academy Graphic Novel
  • When: 7 to 10 years old
  • Why: Entertaining, fun spin on a classic movies
  • Where: Amazon

Have a child getting ready to start middle school in the fall? Dealing with anxiety about school transitions, a big move, or other life moments that may or may not be going according to plan? If you want a lighthearted book about someone who also struggles with their new fate, or you have a kid who cannot get enough Star Wars, this book, Star Wars: Jedi Academy, is for you.

Star Wars: Jedi Academy graphic novel on Amazon

Meet Roan, a young boy about to embark on his middle school career in this graphic novel. With more than 150 pages written in a combination of comic book style and diary entries (think Diary of a Wimpy Kid), this story brings the Star Wars universe to life through the eyes of a middle school boy. Fans will recognize Roan’s home planet of Tatooine, as well as other familiar locales such as the academy at Coruscant.

Star Wars: Jedi Academy graphic novel page from Roan's diary
These books have a mix of diary entries and comic book style.

Roan learns to use the force, make new friends, and roll with decisions outside his control on this fun spin on the classic Star Wars tale. The first book in this nine installment series covers Roan’s first year at Jedi Academy, as he deals with disappointment and learning to find his place. Longtime fans will enjoy seeing some of their favorite characters again in these pages. To find out more about what happens, be sure to get the ninth book in the series. You can buy them individually or get the first eight titles in one set.

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