New Uses for Old Things: Aquariums

Child watching blue betta fish in orange lidded fish tank

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Repurpose This Pet Staple

Child watching blue betta fish in orange lidded fish tank
  • What: Upcycle Aquarium
  • When: Anytime
  • Why: Put this pet supply to good use
  • Where: At home

Got an old aquarium sitting around taking up space? Perhaps you had to say goodbye to a beloved pet, but couldn’t part with all the equipment yet. Maybe you’d prefer to avoid committing to another family pet, but don’t want to waste the expensive supplies. If you have a glass or plastic aquarium laying around your home, check out this list of fun ways to repurpose this pet staple.

Frogs in old fish tank aquarium

Temporary Homes: If your family pet upgraded to new digs, consider keeping the smaller aquarium for temporary lodging. From housing sick pets who need to be isolated to transporting pets to other people’s homes for care during vacation, your old aquarium may be just right for a shorter term residency. Or perhaps your kids love to capture critters, in which case an old aquarium makes a wonderful temporary habitat.

Decor: Have a bunch of gravel and a fish tank leftover? It makes an excellent centerpiece with just a few simple additions. Most aquariums work well inside or out, so you can dress up almost any living space. Use the gravel to create a firm base, then insert pillar candles (real or electric) in any configuration for a fancy looking centerpiece that won’t break the bank. 

Cactus plant in repaired plastic aquarium tank

Planters: Aquariums can also house plants instead of animals. If your child wants to try their hand at terrariums, an old glass or plastic cage can be the perfect setup. Make sure you have substrate that will drain properly for the type of plants they want, and let them start their own miniature garden.

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