Get a Grip on These Kid Sporting Goods

Vizari bright orange soccer cleats for kids

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Kid Cleats That Last Without Costing a Fortune

Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleats for kids in bright orange color
  • What: Vizari Soccer Cleats for Kids
  • When: 3 to 12 years
  • Why: Affordable, durable, lots of choices
  • Where: Amazon

Have a kid signed up for spring soccer or a summer soccer camp? Do you need to get them some cleats and don’t want to spend a fortune? If your child wants to give soccer a try, consider Vizari Soccer Cleats

Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleats for kids on Amazon

These cleats come in a variety of colors to suit any child’s personality, or match most soccer uniforms. You can buy them in multiple kids’ sizes, from size eight toddler to big kid size 6. Each one will hold up for many seasons of soccer. In fact, your child will likely outgrow them before the cleats need to be replaced, meaning kids can easily hand them down to get even more use.

Eight year old child wearing bright orange Vizari Infinity soccer cleats for kids
My son loves his bright orange Vizari soccer cleats.

All these cleats come with nice long laces, giving kids plenty of opportunity to try tying their shoes. And it makes these shoes easy to adjust for the correct width. These cleats stay on during games, both on artificial turf and grass fields. Tying laces in a double knot ensures that kids don’t have to stop playing to deal with their shoes during the game time.

This brand of cleats offers many styles, colors, and sizes.

As an added bonus, the bright colors make it easy to spot your child on the field, even in a team of players wearing identical uniforms. The color can also make it easy for teammates to find your child for a pass during play. With a solid construction for the cleats and flexible upper material built for outdoor conditions like rain and mud, these cleats can support your child as they embark on their soccer career.

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