Grow Your Own Crystal Pet Thanks to This Kit

MindWare Crystal Hedgehog growing kit green

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Let Kids Explore the Magic of Science

MindWare Crystal Hedgehog growing kit green
  • What: Crystal Hedgehog Growing Kit
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Fun, educational, adorable
  • Where: Amazon

Have a child who loved their Crystal Chemistry Garden experiment? Want more screen-free and hands-on science learning for your child? Maybe you need a gift for the science-loving child in your life. If so, these Crystal Hedgehog Growing Kits let kids grow their own irresistible pets.

MindWare Crystal Hedgehog Growing Kit on Amazon

Each kit makes two crystal hedgehogs in bright colors. Choose from blue and green or red and orange for the perfect color pairing. The box includes two hedgehog-shaped molds, two packets of crystal powder, two popsicle sticks for stirring, and one plastic growing container with lid, as well as step-by-step instructions. Best suited for kids ages eight and up, this activity will likely involve some grown up assistance as it requires boiling water.

MindWare Crystal Hedgehog growing kit green crystal powder being added to container
Add the crystal powder to the included container.

Each hedgehog needs to nest in the pool of colored crystal water for 24 hours, with another 24 hours sitting in the open container. Only then can the hedgehog in its full crystal glory be revealed. So while this activity wouldn’t work well for limited timeframes, like birthday parties, it can easily be completed at home. It takes less than half an hour to start the crystal growing process, with total time averaging 48 hours. 

MindWare Crystal Hedgehog growing kit blue and green
Each kit comes with two hedgehogs.

The hardest step, besides adding boiling water, is positioning the hedgehog inside the growing container. It can be tricky to get the animal upright without scalding little hands. And the dyed water can make it difficult to see, so we’d definitely recommend adult supervision for any age kid. Also beware that the dye does not come out, so be sure to complete the project on a protected surface or mat that you don’t mind getting stained.

MindWare Crystal Hedgehog growing kit green
The crystal solution gets very dark and can stain.

The final critter looks irresistible, and while it won’t stand up to playing without damaging the crystals, it catches the light beautifully for display. Kids can use it to decorate their rooms or bring a little color to almost any area. Or it makes a great gift for family or teachers. The hedgehog with crystals measures about four inches long by three inches high.

MindWare Crystal Hedgehog growing kit green
It takes about 48 hours to make one crystal hedgehog.

Let your child grow their own crystal wonders with this Crystal Hedgehog Growing Kit.

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