Put a New Spin on Dinner With This Colorful Accessory

French Bull Lazy Susan spinning platter

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Get Lazy and Inspired

French Bull Lazy Susan spinning platter
  • What: French Bull Lazy Susan Platter
  • When: Anytime
  • Why: Useful, cheerful, durable
  • Where: Amazon

I’ve been remiss as a parent. None of my three children had ever encountered a lazy Susan, until I recently received this French Bull Lazy Susan as a gift.

French Bull Lazy Susan Rotating Platter on Amazon

If you want to brighten up your dining room table, kitchen counter, or sideboard, look no further than the beautiful colors and patterns in this rotating serving platter. Choose from multiple fun patterns and several sizes, including a nine inch, eleven inch, and fifteen inch round option. Each one offers the same smooth glide that makes it a cinch to spin. 

French Bull Lazy Susan spinning platter with five small bowls on it
Add big or small. bowls to get even more versatility from this hardworking platter.

Kids will love watching the platter go around, while parents love the versatility. From making dinner more accessible to everyone at the table, to celebrating special occasions, this solid dish will make any event more festive. Use it to slice cakes and pies easier, or set out a dessert buffet fit for royalty. Stash it inside your pantry to make grabbing supplies a breeze. Add a bowl on top and use it for chips or salads. Or just leave it on display to bring a little joy to your day.

French Bull
This spinning platter makes everything more festive.

No matter how you choose to use it, you won’t want to hide this spinning platter away in your cabinets. Get your own and find out how quickly it becomes indispensable in your busy household.

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