Chapter Books Sure to Spark Your Young Reader’s Imagination

Diary of a Pug Pug Blasts Off book one from Kyla May books for beginning readers

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Build Their Love of Reading

Diary of a Pug Pug Blasts Off book one from Kyla May books for beginning readers
  • What: Beginner Chapter Books for Kids
  • When: 7 to 10 years
  • Why: Fun, short chapters, easy to read
  • Where: Amazon

Does your child love reading? Are they ready to advance their literacy skills to the next level? If your young reader wants more content with stories they can’t put down, check out these series, each one written with beginner readers in mind.

Diary of a Pug books by Kyla May

Diary of a Pug: This little canine comes packed with personality. Enjoy the antics of Bub and his human owner as they solve problems and navigate tricky situations together. Each book details one adventure from the collection of stories, and kids will love the animal characters populating the pages from beginning to end.

Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliott Trip to the Pumpkin Farm book number eleven 11

Owl Diaries: The fun goes all night thanks to the journal entries of this feathered friend. As a combination chapter book and graphic novel, these books offer plenty of reading practice. They come paired with irresistible illustrations to keep the text from overwhelming new readers. The lined pages also work well for kids who need limited words at a time to build their literary stamina.

Dory Fantasmagory: This spunky young protagonist will win the heart of almost any beginning reader. At six years old, Dory longs to be included with her older siblings. Find out what happens in this five book series. Each one offers lots of words for practice with black and white drawings to break up the text blocks, too. And who can resist the antics of this confident and imaginative character?

Mack Rhino, Private Eye books by Paul Dubois Jacobs The Big Race Lace Case and The Candy Caper Case

Mac Rhino Private Eye: Enjoy an entire world populated with fun animal characters in this set of books. Each one features a different mystery, with the resident rhino in charge of solving the crime. Kids will love the range of animals who need help. And frequent illustrations help bring the story to life.

Zoey and Sassafras books Grumplets and Pests and The Pod and the Bog

Zoey and Sassafras: If your child loves to explore the world of science, they can’t go wrong with this series about intrepid scientist Zoey. She proves kids can contribute at any age as she tests hypotheses and explores the world around her. With a blend of magic and scientific theory sure to appeal to kids, these books won’t disappoint any kids who love to experiment.

Bo the Brave Unicorn Diaries book cover by Rebecca Elliott

Unicorn Diaries: Another hybrid chapter book, this series featuring Bo Tinseltail will bring journaling to life. The lined pages contain all the thoughts, feelings, and events from this fantasy setting. With fewer words per page and bright illustrations, kids will love getting to know Bo and company.

Bad Kitty Goes to the Vet chapter book for kids graphic novel by Nick Bruel

Bad Kitty: Told from the perspective of this household feline, these books will capture all the fun of pets and their world. With fun spins on common themes like taking tests, a new arrival to the family, and more, kids will want to read these illustrated chapter books over and over again. With plenty of titles to choose from, they can enjoy the entire series or choose their favorite title.

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