Mother’s Day Gifts Moms Can Actually Use

Moleskin journal and handmade flower button bouquet for Mothers' Day

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Shower Her With Fun and Functional Presents

Moleskin journal and handmade flower button bouquet for Mothers' Day
  • What: Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Can Actually Use
  • When: Birth and beyond
  • Why: Indulgent, useful, thoughtful
  • Where: At home

Looking for a great gift for the mom in your life? Want something that won’t wilt in a week, to show your mother your love year round? If flowers and chocolate have worn out their welcome, and you have a mother or partner who prefers useful gifts that keep on giving, check out this list of fabulously practical alternatives to breakfast in bed. Because we all know who will end up cleaning up that mess.

EOS Sweet Treats variety pack of four stick lip balm flavors

EOS Lip Balm: You don’t have to spend a fortune to let moms know you’re thinking of them. This affordable lip balm comes in a variety of fun scents sure to please the most discerning mother. The brightly colored cases make them easy to find in almost any bag. And with prices this low, you can get her one for every purse she owns.

Deep Steep moisture stick in lavendar chamomile scent in oversized chapstick tube

Deep Steep Moisture Stick: If you want an indulgent treat sure to delight, get her this moisture stick. It will soothe even the angriest skin, while the lavender scent indulges her senses. The small container means she can take it anywhere. But don’t be surprised if she loves it so much she keeps it all to herself.

Fresh Sugar lip balm in Advanced Therapy tube, caramel pot, blood orange pot in box

Fresh Sugar Lip Treats: if you want to splurge, try this luxury brand of lip balm. It offers lots of different scents and tints, and some even come with SPF 15. From a tiny collection of minis to try, or a full size of her favorite, you can’t go wrong with these small gifts that pack a big punch.

Chewbeads necklace in coral color

Chewproof Necklaces: If the best mother you know still has small children in her life, brighten her world with one of these necklaces. Not only will they adorn her with something cheerful, but they double as teething toys as well. The strong materials make them safe for infants, so she can dress up without worrying about little hands breaking her accessories.

French Bull Lazy Susan spinning platter

Lazy Susan: This brightly colored dish packs a colorful punch. With many different uses, from entertaining to organizing, moms will love the fun colors and smooth spinning action. It comes in three sizes, so you’re sure to find one that’s just right for her.

Oka B hot pink flip flop sandals with pink and white flowers on straps

Oka B Shoes: These colorful shoes come in a variety of styles and colors certain to suit almost any style. The vegan materials mean you don’t have to worry about the contents, and the entirely recycled sources make these shoes even better for environmentally conscious moms. What’s more, she can toss them in the dishwasher to get them clean.

Title Nine Sunbuster Sun Shirt in hot pink floral design

Sunbuster Shirt: Keep her safe and indulge her fashion sense with these tops from Title Nine, a woman-run and woman-owned company. Choose from short or long sleeve options in multiple colors and patterns. With the built in SPF and quick drying material, she can get outdoors to enjoy the sunshine without worrying about harmful rays.

Columbia Heavenly Slip II Snow Boots in gray with gray fleece lining and side zipper

Heavenly Boots: If it’s still cold where you live, these boots will keep her toes toasty all year round. Now is the perfect time to score a deal on these comfortable boots that feel like slippers but work in almost any weather conditions. The side zipper makes them super easy to get on and off, and they will last for multiple seasons. There’s so much to love about these, she might even want a second pair.

KAVU Mini Rope sling bag purse on hardwood floor

Rope Sling Bag: If your mom could use a new bag, check out this sling option from Kavu. Choose from the full size or the smaller version, each in a variety of original patterns and sturdy fabrics. The easy fit means she can keep all her stuff in reach but still have hands free for all those other things moms get done. And these bags will last for years to come. The only reason to get a new one is to enjoy multiple materials or colors.

Slip on shoes lined up on floor from SeaVees Hush Puppies and Merrell

Mom Shoes: New moms have a lot going on, and getting their shoes on shouldn’t cause an issue. If you want to make her life easier, check out this list of shoes that slip on. From winter to summer, make sure she can get in and out of her shoes without ever having to put the baby down. 

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