Protect Small Shins With This Affordable Soccer Safety Equipment

Outfun Youth Soccer Shin Guards on orange and black

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Armor for Small Sports Stars

Outfun Youth Soccer Shin Guards on orange and black
  • What: Outfun Youth Soccer Shin Guards
  • When: 3 to 14 years
  • Why: Adjustable, colorful, lightweight
  • Where: Amazon

If your child plays soccer, and you’ve gotten them outfitted with quality cleats without breaking the bank, you need only one other piece of equipment. Most youth leagues require kids to have their own shin guards. But don’t fret! We’d highly recommend the Outfun Youth Soccer Shin Guards.

Outfun Youth Soccer Shin Guards on Amazon

These shin guards come in six colors and two styles, so kids can choose their favorite or pick a color to match their team uniforms. Each one has a hook and loop closure around the calf to keep the guard in place even during the most rigorous game. And a stretchy ankle sock with an elastic strap underneath the foot will keep the shin guard from riding up during practice or matches.

Outfun Youth Soccer Shin Guards in black and orange front and back with hook and loop closure shown
The elastic strap fastens at the back of the calf, while the foot strap helps keep the guard in place.

Kids age seven and older will have no trouble getting the stretchy fabric on themselves and closing the elastic strap around their calves. They might need some extra assistance after the game, if they get super sweaty during all the action. But these shin guards will get them through an entire soccer season without any of the materials wearing out.

My eight year old wearing these shin guards.

Choose from two different sizes to cover kids ages three to fourteen. A simple size chart will help you make the right choice based on your kid’s age and height. Cushioned ankles help protect kids during this sports activity. And these shin guards weigh next to nothing, making it easy for kids to carry them to and from the field.

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