The Best Affordable Storage for Every Room

Closetmaid six cube storage shelf organizer with bins for organizing any space

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This Versatile Item Can Corral Almost Anything Anywhere

Closetmaid six cube storage shelf organizer with bins for organizing any space
  • What: Affordable Shelving and Storage
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Versatile, durable, customizable
  • Where: Amazon

If you’ve read any of the storage posts here at Practically Apparent, you know we’re obsessed with affordable easy organization systems the entire family can manage. If you want to get almost any room in your house organized, from the play room to the living room to the entryway, this ClosetMaid Six Cube Storage Organizer Shelf will get the job done without busting the budget.

ClosetMaid Six Cube Organizer Shelf on Amazon

This shelf works wonders in almost any room. Part of the allure comes from the ability to place it horizontally or vertically to best fit your space. As such, it’s either two cubes high and three cubes wide, or three cubes high and two cubes wide. Each cube measures 13.50 inches (approx 34.3 cm) along each side. It pairs perfectly with colorful bins to hold almost anything. Or you can use the open shelves by themselves for books, shoes, games, and more. 

Closetmaid 6 Cube
Rotated horizontally, this six cube shelf makes a great side table or fits perfectly under a window.

We use these shelves all over the house. In our family room alone, this piece of furniture has more staying power than anything else except the couch. We’ve used it in the same room in at least three different places as our needs have changed. Sideways, it fits perfectly underneath windows to offer tons of storage and a convenient horizontal display space on top without blocking the light from the window. Or the height works perfectly to double as side table that can do even more.

Closetmaid 6 cube Storage Shelf Organizer with green and turquoise bins to
These shelves work great in any space with or without bins.

This sturdy piece of furniture can hold lots of stuff. Choose from four different colors to match most decor. And you can get this option with or without a backing. The open shelves work great to divide a space visually, while the back prevents objects from sliding off and getting stuck behind the shelves. 

Closetmaid 6 cube Storage Shelf Organizer in girls' bedroom with books and toys
We’ve used this shelf on top of our kids’ dressers in their bedroom to hold books, toys, and more.

Use this piece of furniture to organize toys into bins. Or add it for extra shoes, bags, and more accessories by the door. We added one to the top of a dresser in each of our kids’ rooms after they graduated from diapers, and it works great for toys, clothing, and more. You can also get additional cube storage, in three, nine, or twelve cube options. But we love the six cube for its sheer versatility and ability to handle almost any type of storage. All of the cube storage can be paired together to create even more possibilities.

Closetmaid 6 Cube Storage Shelf Organizer with DVD player and sound system
We’ve used this same unit vertically and as a surface for electronics. You can easily switch up the decor by using different color bins.

The price point means you don’t have to save for long to get your own cube storage organizer shelf. Nor do you have to worry about your kids damaging it, since you can afford to replace it as needed. We’ve had our shelves for over fifteen years, and unless you count losing a few screw covers, it still looks as good as the day we put it together, long before our kids came along. It has stored DVDs, gaming accessories, toys, books, knickknacks, electronics, and so much more.

Whether you choose to combine it with bins or leave the shelves accessible, you can’t go wrong with this hardworking addition to your furniture line-up.

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