Build Their Love of LEGO Without Buying More Bricks

LEGO Ideas book cover page

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Books That Bring Joy to Any Builder

Child using LEGO
  • What: LEGO Books
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Creative, inspiring, wide age range
  • Where: Amazon

Want to indulge your child’s love of LEGO without increasing the population of tiny building bricks in your home? Perhaps your kid wants inspiration for using the bricks they already own. Or maybe you want to add some educational components to their brick playtime. This list offers books any brick enthusiast will love. 

Ideas Book: The latest version of this LEGO book comes packed with themes and ideas for the most enthusiastic builder. From miniature cityscapes to space, dinosaurs, and more, kids will love the details in this thick book packed with photos of LEGO creations. Each page spread focuses on a different idea, with small tips on assembling and brick choices. While the book does not contain step-by-step instructions, it lets kids bring their own imaginations to their creations.

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions book building kit for kids machines STEM

Chain Reactions: This spiral bound book includes ten LEGO projects beyond the basic construction sets. Use the spare pieces, like a ball, string, and more, to assemble each machine. Fold paper into ramps and more to bring the action. The book goes from simple constructions to complex mechanical sets, with a handy folder attached at the back for storing loose pieces. 

Genius Lego Inventions with bricks you already have book by Sarah Dees

Genius Inventions: Get more from the bricks your child already owns. This book comes with instructions for 40 inventions like a candy dispenser and a pinball machine. Kids use the bricks they possess and the written instructions to build robots, games, and more. Each invention takes around half an hour to an hour to build, depending on the complexity. Add the time to search the brick collection for the required pieces, also listed for each invention, and it can keep kids entertained for quite some time.

LEGO Animal Atlas front cover

Animal Atlas: If your child loves the population of LEGO figures and creatures, this book will delight them. With more than 80 pages traveling through the continents, kids will discover the different species that inhabit them. From maps to fast facts, the book packs tons of educational information into a format brick lovers will adore reading over and over again. It also comes with a variety of bricks to build four different animals to get kids started with creating their own LEGO zoo.

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