Hit The Trails Without Ever Leaving Home

Trails Parks family game in box

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Get Ready for Adventure With This Family Game

Trails Parks family game in box
  • What: Trails Game
  • When: 10 years and up
  • Why: Fun, dynamic, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Can’t wait to get outside with your family this summer? Maybe the weather has derailed your camping and hiking plans. If you want to bring all the excitement of enjoying the outdoors together without leaving the comforts of your home, get Trails.

Trails Game on Amazon

This compact strategy game provides fun for the whole family. Perfect for your next game night, it lets two to four players compete to see who can earn the most points. Visit incredible natural sights, spot species of birds, and collect resources in a race to the finish.

Each small box comes with seven trail tiles, four player pawns in the shape of hikers, four canteen markers, one sun marker, one bird trophy, one die, one wildlife bear token, 15 resources cards for each of the three types, and 76 cards for badges and photos. All the contents fit easily back in the box, which measures about the size of a small paperback book.

Trails Game with
The trail changes each time you play, and as the sun sets, you flip trail cards over.

Players take turns moving one of their hiker along the path. Every game offers a different path, thanks to the random shuffling of cards. Hikers move along the path to collect leaves, rocks, and acorns, spot birds, and grab snapshots along the way. At the beginning and end of the trail, each player can purchase badges with the resources they’ve earned. 

As the game progresses, the sun sinks beyond the horizon. Each card in the trail switches from daylight to night mode, increasing the rewards for landing on each space. But watch out. When the sun sets, the game ends, and it’s time to tally your points. Get the most points from badges and rewards like taking the most pictures or seeing the most birds to win the game.

The gorgeous artwork provide a game highlight, including inside the cover of the box itself.

Enjoy the stunning artwork on each card and throughout the box featuring national parks and scenic vistas. This small game can be played in around half an hour to 45 minutes, making it perfect for after meals, on the road, or any time you want a fun game for multiple ages.

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