Set Yourself Up for Summer Success By Stocking Up on These Kid-Friendly Art Projects

Tie-dye paper towels after dying shirts with Tulip Party Kit in a box

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Keep Your Kids Busy With Fun Crafts

Tie-dye paper towels after dying shirts with Tulip Party Kit in a box
  • What: Kid-Friendly Arts and Crafts
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Hands-on, creative, screen free
  • Where: At Home

Summer is fast approaching, and if you parent school aged kids, you know what that means: lots of time with no school. If you want to keep your kids entertained with hands-on projects, or make sure you have viable alternatives to screen time to keep them busy, check out this list. With a variety of art projects for kids, you can get one or more to keep your kids out of your hair during the long days of summer.

Make a Wind Chime Kit for kids two tiny terra cotta pots, five paints, paint brush, twine, and clear cord to assemble

Wind Chime Kit: Let their art skills sing with this small kit perfect for adorning almost any outdoor space. Kids can decorate the tiny pots any way they’d like with the included paints. Then they string the wind chimes and listen to the gentle soothing sounds as it moves in the breeze.

Paint and Plant Garden Kit: The beauty of this planting kit made for kids is that you can start anytime. No need to wait for the right outdoor temperatures with this kid-friendly kit. Kids can bring their own art to life thanks to the growing project. Let them decorate the planter then sow the seeds and watch them grow.

Make Your Own Suncatchers Window Art flowers in flower pot hanging on door window to patio

Suncatcher Window Art: Make the most of those summer rays of sunshine with this art kit. Kids can decorate the multitude of shapes with the paint, and really let their art skills shine. With minimal setup and almost no mess, kids can complete this project all at once or do each shape individually. It includes suction cup hangers to attach their finished creations to any smooth surface.

MindWare Crystal Hedgehog growing kit green

Crystal Pet: This crystal pet kit combines science and art. Kids mix the ingredients and add the animal-shaped crystal base into the growing solution. After 48 hours, they have their own small crystal decor. These come in two packs, making them a great activity for siblings or friends (though the kit only comes with one soaking container).

Fuse melty Perle beads on six pointed star pegboard

Melty Beads: These small beads combine in almost infinite ways to create gifts, art, decor, and more. Use a template and a plastic plate to get kids started. Or let them loose with an entire container of rainbow colored beads and have them spend time finding the colors they want to use. Either way, with a little heat from an iron, these beads melt into each other to create brightly colored designs.

Child's white t-shirt tie dyed with orange red and yellow

Tie Dye: This craft kit packs a big punch. It comes with everything you need to have a tie dye party. Or just pull it out in nice weather, as this project works best outside thanks to the dyes that can stain. Use the dye colors on clothing, pillow cases, napkins, and more. Kids can wear or use their finished product all summer long, and well beyond, too.

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