Illuminate Their Dreams With This Versatile Light

Star Night Light Projector for kids with constellations illuminating wall beside child's bed

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Let Them Wish Upon a Star or More

Star Projector Night Light for kids image from Winice in kid's bed
  • What: Star Projector Night Light for Kids
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Versatile, affordable, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Got a kid who can’t sleep without the lights on? Want an easy gift kids will love to use every night? Check out this Star Projector Night Light for Kids.

Star Projector Night Light for Kids on Amazon

This sturdy light comes with either a pink or blue base. Shaped like a fish on the outside, the translucent removable cover lets this lamp do multiple duties. It can work as extra activity lighting for crafts or reading. At night, once the lights go out, it will serve as a night light. Or it can transform their room into a stargazing arena thanks to the multiple projection options. The strap on top makes it easy for kids to transport.

This adorable night light works as a projector or lamp thanks to the removable cover.

With six patterns to choose from, kids can pick the design they like best. The touch of a button lights up the room. Turn the plastic shade counterclockwise to remove it. Then insert the plastic sheets into the round base.. The cutouts in the insert allow light to pass through, illuminating their room like a miniature planetarium. Use it with or without the shade, to display the shapes on the lamp itself or around the room. The rotating light brings the show to life as it spins. From starts to sea shapes, the designs will mesmerize kids.

Star Night Light Projector for kids with constellations illuminating wall beside chidl's bed
The projector casts light on the surrounding walls, ceiling and more.

The included remote means kids don’t have to get out of bed to control the different settings. Choose from white light or three different brightness settings. The rotating bulb inside keeps the lights dancing to soothe kids and add some whimsy to their nighttime routine. The lamp turns off after an hour thanks to a timer setting. And don’t fret. If your child loses the remote, the light can be operated with the touch of a button as well.

Brighten your child’s life with this versatile Star Projector Night Light made just for kids.

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