Best of March 2023

Clue Junior game with Hemnes daybed and twin mattresses stacked

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Reader Favorites Top the Spring List

Clue Junior game with Hemnes daybed and twin mattresses stacked
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No surprises here, folks! If you’ve been reading Practically Apparent anytime in the past several years, you may recognize the top three posts from March. Yup, you guessed it! These three reads can’t be ousted from the top spots. If you haven’t seen them yet, find out why readers love this affordable furniture and family game.

Hemnes convertible daybed in twin mode in guest room

Hemnes Daybed: This one bed does it all. From extra seating to a bed for kids, guests, and more, the Hemnes Daybed offers a lot of value.This twin bed converts easily into king-sized comfort by pulling out the built-in trundle bed tucked underneath. And the three storage drawers can be accessed no matter which size bed you choose. Perfect for playrooms, guest rooms, kid bedrooms, and more, this furniture will serve your family for years to come without breaking the bank now.

Zinus Twin Spring Mattress White on Amazon

Twin Mattress: If your child has graduated from their crib and wants to upgrade, this mattress offers plenty of comfort without a high price tag. Kids will enjoy a quality night’s sleep while parents don’t have to fret about potential accidents ruining a costly (and bulky) item.

Clue Junior mystery deduction logic board game for kids

Clue Junior: Get the entire family in on the fun with this spin on the classic. Players compete to collect clues and figure out who ate the cake, with what drink, and at what time. Use the pictorial clue sheets to eliminate options and discover the answer. Players don’t need any literacy skills to join the fun. And any player can move any pawn on their turn, which eliminates arguments over who gets what color.

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