Light Up Play Time With These Bright Toy Ideas

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Get Glowing With These Picks

  • What: Light Up Toys
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Fun, bright, multi-purpose
  • Where: At home

Looking to light up your kid’s play time? Have a child who loves light up toys? Want some fun for your next camping trip or movie night? If you need some new inspiration for toys that get even more exciting once the lights go out, look no further than these choices.

Light Stax illuminated blocks shown lit up and mixed with Lego Duplo block on top

Light Stax Blocks: These bricks work with LEGO Duplo with one main difference: each translucent building brick includes tiny connections to illuminate the finished construction. Use the included black base to provide the power and control the lights. Let your kids build their own nightlight or see what they can create thanks to these light up bricks.

Pimki Pops Jelly Dreams Light Up Unicorn pink stuffed animal glows

Stuffed Animals: Snuggle up with this cuddly option. With a built-in light that responds to touch, kids will love going to bed with this adorable animal. The light turns off after a set amount of time, and runs on batteries (not included, so be sure to grab some). Choose from full brightness, half the light, or a strobing effect.

Boon Glo nightlight with removable balls lit up in blue

Boon Glo Night Light: This bedside lamp comes with three glow-in-the-dark balls. Each one rests in its own light cradle to charge. The lightweight balls can be removed and replaced as often as kids like. Each one measures about the size of a tennis ball, making them safe for young kids and simpler to find thanks to their larger size. Plus kids love the soft glow that can be recharged any time.

Crayola picture projector nightlight flashlight for kids

Crayola Picture Projector: Bring your child’s art to life thanks to this toy. Kids use the included markers to draw directly on the surface of the projector. The flick of a button lights up their work, casting it wherever they point the machine, from the walls, ceiling, or even onto family members. Try it on the tent walls during your next camping trip to bring fireside tales to life.

Glowcity light up soccer ball kids size 5 black and orange

Sports Balls: Play long after the lights go out thanks to these glowing balls. From soccer to basketball and more, each one of these lights up when moved. Throw or catch the ball to turn on the battery-operated lights, and enjoy some after dark fun with a twist.

Crayola light up tracing board turned on with paper on top

Tracing Pad: Get creative with this drawing pad. The backlit board makes tracing simple for kids. It comes with ten blank pages as well as a variety of themed tracing sheets. Since it fits regular sized paper perfectly, you can use it with normal paper, too. Ten colored pencils will complete their artistic efforts after they finish tracing their preferred designs.

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