Create the Perfect Gift With This Easy Craft Project For Kids

Colored sand art made by kids in clear wine bottle

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Pour Perfection

Colored sand art made by kids in clear wine bottle
  • What: Sand Art
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, easy
  • Where: Amazon

Want an easy art project your kids will love? Do you need the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, graduates, or more that your kids can make themselves? Grab some brightly colored sand and a clear container and see what your kids create.

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You can choose how many different colors of sand to start. You’ll want at least two different colors to layer, but more colors mean more variety in the final result. This project also requires a container, preferably one with a tightly fitting lid. It can be an empty bottle or jar from the recycling bin, or something you purchase for this purpose. Clear wine bottles work great with the labels removed if you want a larger vessel. Otherwise, jelly jars, baby food jars, or even plastic test tubes make excellent smaller displays.

W used eight different colors of sand to make our creations.

Kids ages two and up will love adding the sand to create the different layers. Tapping gently after each color gets added will settle the sand to the bottom. Once kids get close to the top, make sure they fill the container completely to prevent the colors from mixing.

A paper funnel helps kids get sand into small openings.

A small funnel can make it easier for kids to get the sand inside the bottle, though a folded piece of paper will get the job done, too. Use a placemat to make clean up simple, or go outside to get this project done with less mess. Once kids finish filling their container, seal the top to prevent any sand from escaping. A little bit of glue can provide some extra insurance against spills.

Kids can layer sand in small or large clear containers.

These original crafts will brighten up any space and make great gifts for a variety of occasions. Plastic containers also travel well in suitcases for friends and family who live further away. Why wait? Pour on the fun and let your child have a blast with this simple but effective sand art project.

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