These Graphic Novels Put a New Spin on Tales from a Younger Sibling

The Baby-Sitters Club Little Sister Karen back of graphic novel

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Enjoy More Stories from Stoneybrook

The Baby-Sitters Club Little Sister graphic novel book Karen's Worst Day
  • What: Baby-Sitters Club Little Sister Graphic Novels
  • When: 7 to 12 years
  • Why: Fun, affordable, multiple formats
  • Where: Amazon

Do you have fond memories of reading The Baby-sitters Club books in your youth? Does your child love the newest graphic novel renditions of these beloved stories? Did you know that Baby-sitters Club Little Sister comes in a graphic format, too? 

Baby-Sitters Club Little Sister Graphic Novel Boxed Set on Amazon

My daughter loves these graphic novels almost as much as the graphic novels for older kids. She can’t get enough of the illustrated books featuring the younger siblings of some of her favorite characters. 

Pages from The Baby-Sitters Club Little Sister Karen's Worst Day by Katy Farina
The graphic novels have the same story line in a different format.

With seven books to choose from, kids can enjoy more tales set in the fictional town of Stoneybrook. Seven-year-old Karen spends her time split between two families after her parents’ divorce. She gets to see her older step sister, Kritsy, of the famed Baby-Sitters Club, only part of the time. Follow along on her adventures in second grade as she spies on suspicious neighbors, tries to navigate school picture day, and cries over a bad haircut.

Babysitters Club Little Sister Karen's Grandmothers Chapter 7 first page
The chapter books offers a lot more text with fewer illustrations in black and white.

If you or your child prefer chapter books, you can also get many titles from the same series in chapter book form. With more than one hundred titles to choose from, let your child read them all without waiting for them to get published as graphic novels.

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