Build the Excitement With This Marble Run Marvel

Q-BA-MAZE green Light Up block in marble run creation

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Light Up Their Creativity

  • What: Q-BA-MAZE Lights
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Interactive, entertaining, creative
  • Where: Amazon

Want to help your kid build their creativity and engineering skills? Does your child love watching gravity at work on marbles and balls? If you want to encourage more play with the fabulous Q-BA-MAZE interlocking marble run blocks, look no further than the Q-BA-MAZE Lights.

Q-BA-MAZE Lights Deluxe Set on Amazon

You can get a Q-BA-MAZE Lights Starter Set with four light up blocks to introduce your child to this fascinating building toy. Or add this set to your existing collection to brighten their play time. Each light up block gets activated by motion, so when a marble hits the block, it flashes. Kids can use the lights to add another dimension to their creations as eyes, starting or finishing lines, and anything else they can dream up. 

Q-BA-MAZE blue light up block in marble run creation built by eight year old kid
Movement triggers the light blocks, which come in different colors.

Or get a Deluxe Lights Set that includes eight light up blocks. Each light up block comes with the batteries already installed, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing or fiddling with small screws before playing. Once activated, the lights flash briefly, encouraging kids to send more marbles down the maze.

Q-BA-MAZE Lights blocks marble run maz
Theses light up blocks work seamlessly with other Q-BA-MAZE sets.

Whether you want to start your child with this fabulous marble run toy or bring more fun to your collection, these sets with light up blocks will thrill any builder.

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