Honest Company Disposable Diapers

Honest Company Disposable Diaper with orange giraffe print

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Disposable Diapers Without Drawbacks

Honest Company Disposable Diaper with orange giraffe print

  • What: Honest Company disposable diapers
  • When: Birth to potty training
  • Why: Safe, cute, effective
  • Where: Amazon

I believe in the benefits of cloth diapers, but even we used disposable diapers. (My husband is not a believer in cloth or the environment. No, I don’t know how we’re still married.) Like all couples, we compromised with our first kid. I used cloth exclusively during the day while he worked, and we used disposables overnight when he was home and might change a diaper in the morning. (My first child was also a heavy wetter and I hadn’t figured out that different brands of prefolds made a huge difference in absorption.)

Toddler holding newborn infant wearing Honest Company disposable diaper in orange giraffe print
My newborn already wearing an Honest Company disposable diaper.

We used Huggies because I had more than 15 years of disposable diaper changing under my belt, and I hated the poop blowouts with Pampers. We bought diapers at a discount warehouse, and they didn’t offer a lot of choices beyond the two big brands and their own alternative. We used disposable diapers for traveling, and at 18 months, when I was 7 months pregnant with my second child, my son refused to put on any of his cloth diapers after we returned from a trip. I gave up with him out of exhaustion and focused on my next child. (Turns out I shouldn’t have because he didn’t potty train until age 3.5 and that’s not only a lot of disposable diapers, he probably would’ve learned sooner if he’d still been wearing cloth.)

The Honest Company Disposable Diapers in Giraffe Print on Amazon

I used cloth almost exclusively for my second born, and having figured out the difference between brands, loved it. But we still used disposable diapers for traveling and had some on hand for going out and about. Enter The Honest Company Disposable Diapers. I adore their diapers. The irresistible designs first attracted me, but then I learned how much stuff they didn’t have in them. The company doesn’t use chemical bleach, chlorine processing, latex, lotions, or fragrance Best Bets Shampoo and Sunscreen LINK of any kinds. Yet they work as well as the big box brands, and in my opinion, even better with their earth-friendly natural ingredients. We’ve seen zero incidents of diaper rash with those disposables and none of that unidentifiable clear balls of absorbent goo either.

Honest Company Clean Conscious Diapers 76 Pack on Amazon

They come in all the standard sizes, from newborn to preschooler, and now they make specialty diapers like extra-absorbent overnight diapers (which is all we currently use as my third child uses the potty during the day) and potty training pants.

I find better prices at our local Target (nearly half the price!) than online at Amazon, but you can still score some good deals online if you grab them when you see them and aren’t particular about designs. If you use disposable diapers at all, and haven’t given Honest Company a try, I highly recommend giving them a whirl.

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