Sassy Snack Bowls

Bowls Built to LastSassy snack bowls 3 piece set with suction cup base and lids

  • What: Sassy Snack Bowls with suction cup
  • When: Starting solid foods
  • Why: Keep bowls in place, longevity
  • Where: Amazon

I signed up for this set of three Sassy bowls first thing (right behind this set of Sassy spoons) when I started my baby registry. I used it at several other households and loved it. It comes with a suction cup that can attach to any of the three bowls, and each bowl has its own lid. I loved the easy storage without having to create more dirty dishes, because heaven knows I went through enough dishes making and serving baby food.

My eldest conquered the suction cup bottom on the third or fourth attempt, so we didn’t get a ton of use out of it. With my less particular kids, it worked great to keep them or me from bumping the bowl, and to shorten the “throw all food on the floor” stage, which gets less rewarding when the food bowl doesn’t cooperate.

Sassy snack bowl 3 piece set shown stacked next to lids and suction cup base

My set of three Sassy snack bowls.

The lids snap tightly enough I had no concerns about tossing a closed bowl filled with runny baby food into my bag to take out of the house with us. I loved the variety of sizes, so I could feed my kids more of what they loved and less of what they didn’t. The sizes worked well as they got older and ate more, too.

Sassy snack bowls three bowls and lids with suction cup base

How my set looks after countless trips through the microwave, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, and a few close encounters with floors.

We’ve passed the suction cup and lid stage (for the most part – now I use IKEA dishes for storage), but my kids still love the bright colors in this set and use them regularly. After more than six years of almost daily use, they look great. The materials have held up amazingly well despite abuses such as chucking the bowls on the floor and chewing on them.

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