Flip Diaper Cover

Cover Your Kid During Potty TrainingFlip cloth diaper cover in blue snapped down to newborn size

  • What: Flip Diaper Cover
  • When: Birth to potty training
  • Why: Adjustable, affordable, lightweight
  • Where: Amazon

My last child potty trained early, allowing me to pass along my collection of cloth diapers and beloved covers. He still used a disposable pull up at night, but recently wanted to try underwear. I loved the idea and wanted to support his confidence, but I hate changing wet sheets, especially in the middle of the night. So I went searching for a cover that would go over his regular underwear but help keep his clothes, pajamas, sheets, pillows, blankets and stuffed animals dry in case of an accident.

I ordered two different brands to try. We both still love the Grovia Training Pants, but I also highly recommend the Flip diaper cover, especially if you have a younger child still wearing cloth diapers.

Flip Diaper cover with all snaps undone

Two rows of snaps at the waist and two additional rows for adjusting the rise mean this cloth diaper cover will fit for years.

The Flip diaper cover fits my 35 pound three year old with no problem and no need for additional parts, like the smaller Grovia. Yet it can size down to fit newborns weighing eight pounds and up with a three snap system to change the rise height and waist size.

Flip diaper cover inside clear bag packaging brand new

Flip diaper covers come in one size that lasts from birth to about 35 pounds

It comes in both snap and hook and loop closures, and more than 22 different colors and adorable patterns. It has elastic leg gussets (no double gussets, but that matters less on my chunkier third child) and a flap for tucking inserts to prevent them from sliding around. It can take cloth or disposable inserts by the same brand, though I’ve only ever used it over underwear to contain accidents.

Flip diaper cover for cloth diapers snap fasteners on waist flap

Two rows of snaps at the waist allow for a better fit

Two rows of snaps allow for extra secure fastening around the waist, and lots of options for a custom fit as kids grow. The rise offer two snaps as well, but you can’t mix up the snaps to adjust rise with the waist fasteners even in a sleep-deprived delirium in the dark in the wee hours of the morning.

Flip diaper cover laid out with inside visible

The waterproof material and elastic leg gussets help contain messes

The waterproof material rinses clean easily and air dries quickly. I can use it again for nap after a wet morning, or in the evening if he has an accident during nap. While the barrier material can’t absorb any liquids, it works to keep moisture from spreading without being uncomfortably tight for all night use. It has enough elastic in the waist and legs that I can pull it on and off my preschooler like a regular pull up training pant, so he doesn’t think it’s a diaper for babies. If I need to clean up an accident, I can unsnap it to keep any mess from spreading.

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