Light Up Bike Basket

Ride Along Dolly kids light up bike basket white with colored stripes and light up flower and butterfly

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Bike Basket Bliss

Ride Along Dolly kids light up bike basket white with colored stripes and light up flower and butterfly
  • What: Ride Along Dolly Kids Light Up Bike Basket
  • When: Ages two and up
  • Why: Extra safety, fun, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

My daughter loves biking, so she has nearly every biking accessory we could find for her, from a bell and streamers to butterfly pedals and a doll seat. But this light up bike basket offers the most utility by a long shot.

Bike Basket with Light Ups on Amazon

Not only can it carry stuff like a second baby doll or snacks and a water bottle or even a small backpack, but it lights up. She loves the design and light up feature, and we love the extra safety the lights provide for increased visibility.

Light up bike basket installed on girls pink bike
We use this basket almost every bike ride.

She’s had it on two different bikes over three years. We’ve kept it in our (not at all clean) garage and it still looks almost brand new with no tears or holes, despite the white color.

We push the flowers to turn on the lights. We haven’t used this feature for every single bike ride (and we’ve had plenty) but enough that I would expect the batteries to run out, which has yet to happen. The open top and deep sides mean nothing falls out but both my daughter and I have easy access to whatever we put inside.

Inside view looking down into light up bike basket on girls bike
This basket holds lots of stuff without anything falling out.

It installs with zip ties to almost any handlebar in a matter of seconds, with no tools required. A pair of scissors and another set of zip ties will let you move it to a bigger bike and it will still not take longer than a couple minutes to uninstall and reattach.

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