Kids’ Snow Clothes

Toddler wearing Columbia Frosty Slopes snow ski winter clothes jacket snow bib in blue in snow

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Snug Warmth Without Suffering

Toddler wearing Columbia Frosty Slopes snow ski winter clothes jacket snow bib in blue in snow

  • What: Columbia Frosty Slopes Sets
  • When: 3 months and up
  • Why: Warm, weatherproof, expandable
  • Where: Amazon and Columbia

Toddlers. Preschoolers. Kids that keep growing. What’s a parent to do, especially with expensive gear like snow boots and winter coats? If your kids keep growing right especially after you buy the expensive stuff, like mine, check out Columbia’s snow gear featuring their Outgrown system.

Columbia Kids Baby and Toddler Frosty Slope Sets on Amazon

I’m a huge fan of Columbia’s kids’ puffer jackets for everyday use, but sometimes conditions call for more – more protection, more warmth, and more waterproofing. These Frosty Slope toddler sets fit the bill, and tis’ the season to score a deal.

Child wearing pink Columbia Frosty Slopes snow winter ski clothes set jacket and bib
These adjustable clothes work for even the coldest conditions.

You can find lots of sizes and colors online, and check multiple sources to get the best deal in the size you need, ranging from 3 months to 4T. Each of the Frosty Slope sets for toddlers includes a jacket and snow bib in coordinating colors and patterns that make it easy to spot your budding snow enthusiast in any group or conditions. Need a bigger suit? Kids sizes have the same great features, but you may have to buy the tops and bottoms separately. Those sizes range from XXS (4 to 5) to XL (18).

Preschooler wearing Columbia Frosty Slopes snow clothes set while riding in BOB Motion stroller
The Frosty Slopes sets will keep kids warm without overheating, and the sleeves and pants let out to fit growing arms and legs.

But even better, each item comes with the Outgrown Extend System, with room to grow built right into the pants and jacket sleeves. Once your kid’s arms or legs grow past the end of the cuff, simply turn the fabric inside out, snip the thread and remove the string to release the extra fabric. Then you get an extra 1.5 inches of wear out of the same set of clothes without spending a penny more.

Child wearing pink snow bib overalls Columbia Frosty Slopes set inside
My daughter in her Frosty Slopes snow bib.

Once you extend the clothing, though, you can’t go back. If you plan to hand them down to younger siblings or friends, these sets only extend once, then you leave them in the longer lengths. But we’ve had two sets of these outfits for toddlers and I love them. My daughter wore hers for three seasons thanks to the extendable sleeves and pants, and we never needed to extend my son’s (we had a larger suit for him already) so we can pass the blue set down to relatives intact with the growing system built in, which is beyond awesome.

Columbia Kids outgrown system label snow clothes jacket
The Outgrown system includes instructions and an extension of the material on both jackets and pants. You can see the folded half of extra fabric in this unextended jacket.

If you need snow clothes for your little ones but don’t want to break the bank, consider Columbia’s Frosty Slopes sets to get more bang for your buck season after season on these higher budget items.

Child wearing Columbia Frosty Slopes jacket and snow bib while holding unicorn candided apple
These jackets keep out the wet and the snow.

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