Marble Container

marbles from q ba maze and other marble run inside Innobaby clear round baby food snack container with lid

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No More Marble Madness

marbles from q ba maze and other marble run inside Innobaby clear round baby food snack container with lid

  • What: Marble container
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Safe, easy to locate
  • Where: Amazon

My kids still love their marble runs. I love not having to search the house for the marbles. Because my youngest child was still a babe in arms when we got our first marble run, I kept the marbles stored out of reach. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that a tiny snack container makes a perfect box for storing marbles.

Innobaby Square Food Container 2 Pack on Amazon

While I don’t use these tiny containers for leftover baby food anymore or even snacks on the go, they make the perfect way to store marbles. I don’t have to keep them out of reach any longer, with my youngest child well past four years old. But I still love having the marbles in a small container. It means I can toss the container into the bin with the other marble run pieces, and not have to empty the entire bin to get to the marbles. Better yet, I spend zero time hunting under the furniture, or down on the floor trying to round up marbles. And I never worry that an errant marble has ended up in someone’s stomach.

Marbles from different marble runs sorted into Innobaby snack food container sealable easy close lid and bottom
The lid can also prevent marbles from rolling away.

I love the containers with flip tabs on the sides to securely contain the tiny balls, like the ones from Innobaby on Amazon, but almost any small container works. It also means older kids can help themselves to the marbles, while younger kids have a harder time mastering the art of opening the container.

Innobaby snack food baby container sealed with marbles inside
The small container from Innobaby seals up tight but opens quickly.

Tuck your marble collection into a small container and breath a sigh of relief no matter your kids’ ages.

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