Tonka Tinys Playset

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Carry the Action With YouTonka Tinys Cityscape Carrying Case Playset toy vehicle container

  • What: Tiny Tonka Playset
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Compact, portable, multi-purpose
  • Where: Amazon

I adore these tiny trucks from Driven, but did you know Tonka makes a similar line of  vehicles? You can get the same small cars individually, or if you want to make a bigger splash, grab this Tonka Tinys Cityscape Carrying Case Playset.

Tonka Tinys Cityscape Carrying Case Playset on Amazon

This case comes with one small steamroller and one garage. It appeals most to kids who already have a collection of tiny trucks, and works with the Driven brand vehicles (but not the garages) as well. A wrecking ball attaches to the top of the case and swings freely around. The set comes with four ramps that snap into place for easy play. Once we showed my five year old how to assemble it, he had no trouble setting it up or taking it down on his own. One side features a rough brown surface of a construction site and the smoother gray side resembles a quarry.

Tonka Tinys trucks vehicles cityscape playset carrying case with accessories and cars stored inside
The carrying case playset holds all the included accessories as well as extra vehicles and garages.

The insides double as parking for up to twenty small vehicles. If your tiny trucks constantly get lost in the shuffle, this case can keep them organized. It also holds all the ramps and other pieces included in the set in the open space along the middle of case. A simple snap closure on top keeps the pieces from falling out during transit. Our set has already made several trips out and about and we still have all the pieces.

Child playing with Tonka Tinys Cityscape Carrying Case Playset at restaurant table
This set fits onto a table for easy on the go playing.

What I love about this set is that it travels so well, especially during the busy holiday season. My son can take his playset with him to a holiday party or restaurant and have everything he needs to keep himself quietly entertained while not taking up tons of space. Once we’re ready to leave, it all packs up into the convenient carrying case for easy transport home.

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