Critter Seven Seater Car

Calico Critters Family Seven Seater car blue with bench seats baby car seats hedgehog rabbit bunny koala cat dog

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Take the Family for a Ride

Calico Critters Family Seven Seater car blue with bench seats baby car seats hedgehog rabbit bunny koala

  • What: Calico Critter Family Seven Seater
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Holds lots of critters, fun, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to take all your Calico Critters along for the ride? Consider upgrading to the three row Calico Critters Family Seven Seater that can hold the extended family and friends.

Calico Critters Family Seven Seater 

This Calico Critter family car comes with two front bucket seats and two movable bench seats for the back. Remove one row and leave plenty of room for bringing along the entire picnic set and any other accessories for your destination. Take out the middle row to give the parents some space. Both bench seats can be stalled facing forward to backward to get the perfect arrangement for all the passengers. The bench seats can be removed entirely, and one folds down flat for even more options.

Calico Critter Seven Seater family car with three baby car seats
The car comes with two movable bench seats and three infant car seats.

It also includes three baby car seats, so kids can bring along their most precious cargo safely. The car seats fit baby Calico Critters, and can be added to any bench seating location. If you want to buy one car for all your traveling needs, the seven seater is the way to go. 

Calico Critter seven seater family car with movable seats
You can position the bench seats in lots of different combinations to make room for anything and everyone.

The open roof makes adding critters to the car extra easy, though it doesn’t come with any animals. With wheels that turn and side doors that open and close, the seven seater attaches easily to the Caravan Family Camper and works with all other Calico Critter accessories, so your child can bring the fun wherever they play.

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