Easy Houseplants for Kids

Air plant on windowsill

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Hardy Varieties Good for Little Hands

Houseplants for kids spider plant, cactus, air plant
  • What: Houseplants for kids
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Easy to care for, affordable, good practice
  • Where: At home

Do your kids beg for a pet? Want to make sure they can handle the responsibility of another living thing before you commit to an animal? Get your child started on the road to good care taking skills with one of these easy houseplants that don’t require much effort.

Cactus: These hardy plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and require very little care. Used to desert conditions, they don’t need frequent watering, though kids can give them too much. They can be placed in a variety of pots for decor and survive both hot and cold temperature extremes.

Air Plant: If you want to go basic, consider an air plant. These fun plants don’t need any soil to survive, and instead soak up nutrients directly from the air. Their tiny size means they work well in small spaces and don’t need containers of dirt that can be spilled or broken. Spritz them with water once a week (or less, if you’re my kids). Or give them a thorough soak occasionally and let them dry thoroughly afterwards. 

Spider plant babies hanging

Spider Plant: These easy to care for houseplants have lots of spiky offshoots kids can enjoy. With their high tolerance for a wide range of light and temperatures, they only need watering once a week (and sometimes less in winter). They can be planted in a variety of pot sizes, so your child can pick a pot they love for their plant to live. 

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Let your kids pick the plant that appeals to them and see what happens. Get some child-size gardening tools to get them started. Or pair some gardening tools with an easy care houseplant for a unique gift that keeps on giving, and introduce them to the joys of growing.

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