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Clue Junior board game for kids, Wildkin insulated lunch box, Gogurt yogurt tubes

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Lunch and A GameClue Junior board game for kids, Wildkin insulated lunch box, Gogurt yo

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In July, readers clearly had lunch on the brain. Two of the three most popular posts revolved around packing lunch for kids. Perhaps parents are starting to think about kids heading back to school? Or maybe they have fun in mind. A mystery game rounds out the most popular posts for July.

GoGurt Yoplait kid yogurt tube with Elsa packaging tucked into lunch box as cold pack

Yogurt Cold Packs: This simple trick turns tasty after it serves a purpose. During the hotter months of the year, freeze some yogurt tubes. Then toss a frozen one into any packed lunch to help keep it cool during the hot summer days. It will thaw over time, and kids get to enjoy a cool but delicious treat to boot. Plus, the paper packs up small after they finish eating, so no one ends up lugging a melted cold pack around all day.

Wildkin Lunch boxes lined up in row on countertop

Wildkin Lunch Boxes: If you want a lunch box that can go the distance, look no further than Wildkin’s great selection of patterns and colors. These insulated soft-sided containers have a Velcro strap inside to hold water bottles or food jars. They also feature a mesh pocket which works great for utensils, napkins, and more. And they even have a zippered pocket on the outside, big enough to hold several containers of hand sanitizer, masks, snacks, or even your child’s rock collection.

CLue Junior board laid out ready to play

Clue Junior: Readers can’t get enough of this mystery game scaled down for younger players. Kids won’t need any reading skills to play. Even better, any player can move any colored pawn during each turn, eliminating the battles over who gets what piece. Visit each location on the board to collect clues and be the first to correctly guess who ate the cake, with what drink, at what time.

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