Paint and Plant Garden Kit

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Growing Creativity

Paint and Plant Flower Garden Growing Kit for kids Dan & Darci

  • What: Paint and Plant Garden Kit
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, educational, creative
  • Where: Amazon

Want to combine the fun of arts and crafts with the joys of gardening? Have a budding gardener on your hands, but not much space to grow? Get your child started on the joys of bringing seeds to life with this Paint and Plant Flower Growing Kit.

Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit for Kids on Amazon

Just add a source of light and some water. Everything else comes included in this kit aimed at creative kids. Inside the box, you’ll find the tin for planting, including a plastic liner and soil. You’ll also get three seed packets, three small wooden plant signs, a shovel, and a water bottle. Six colors of paint, two paint brushes, and one palette let your little artist decorate the tin and signs any way they like. Meanwhile the instruction booklet gives step by step instructions for how to grow your flowers. Mark each sign to know where the marigolds, cosmos, and zinnias will sprout, or simply decorate them however your kids like.

Dan & Darci paint and plant flower garden growing kit for kids tub with sprouts and wooden signs
Kids can add their own personal touch to both the tin and the plant signs thanks to the include paints.

Once your child plants their seeds, put this tub of flowers in your recently renovated play kitchen. In only a couple days, the seeds will sprout. Pair it with a rock painting kit for even more fun. Have a kid who prefers to grow herbs instead of flowers? Get a Paint and Plant Pizza Herb Kit on Amazon and let them eat the fruits of their labors instead.

Let their garden grow and flourish while showcasing their artistry with this Paint & Plant Kit made just for kids.

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