Stuffed Animal Hammocks

Stuffed animal hammock hung underneath top bunk bed filled with animals

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Keep Creatures Corralled

Stuffed animal hammock holding animals hung underneath top bunk bed
  • What: Stuffed Animal Hammocks
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Easy to use, inexpensive, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Have stuffed animals invaded every crevice of your home? Perhaps your child’s collection of beloved furry creatures has exceeded their Stuffed Animal Storage Poof. If you need a way to corral your kids’ stuffed animal without breaking the bank or using up valuable floor space, hang a Stuffed Animal Hammock from Amazon today.

Simplehousewares Stuffed Animal Jumbo Hammock on Amazon

These jumbo stuffed animal hammocks can hold up to 30 stuffed animals. This two pack includes the hooks needed to attach the hammock at three points, creating a spot to stuff all those furry favorites. Kids can easily toss animals into the hammock to help tidy their room, and the elastic sides mean that they can extract a favorite any time they want. You can attach the hammock at any point along the elastic edge, making it great to fit in a variety of spots, including under a top bunk, or even along slanted ceilings. 

Stuffed animal hammock hung from slanted ceiling filled with stuffed animals above child's bed
These hammocks can hang almost anywhere with three attachment points for the hooks.

We’ve used our stuffed animal hammocks for more than two years in two different houses and multiple different kid rooms. They have held up to use and abuse remarkably well for the price point, even though my kids have a tendency to overload them. You can get them in basic white, blue, or pink, and the netting means kids can still see their stuffed animals inside.

Best of all, if and when your child outgrows their stuffed animals, these hammocks pack down to next to nothing and can easily be stored until you need them again. If you want to corral your child’s zoo, grab a pack and get hanging today.

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