Affordable Dolls That Last

Manhattan Toy Company Baby Stella doll, two Groovy Girls dolls one boy and one girl, and one Lottie Doll sitting together in pile

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Dolls for Decades of Play

Manhattan Toy Company Baby Stella doll, two Groovy Girls dolls one boy and one girl, and one Lottie Doll sitting together in pile
  • What: Affordable dolls that last
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Durable, affordable, adorable
  • Where: Amazon

Whether you want to indulge your toddler’s love for taking care of their baby doll or let your older child act out their imaginative play along with a posable doll that promotes a positive body image, these dolls go the distance without breaking the bank. All of them will provide years of joy and play for kids of all ages.

Baby Stella doll by Manhattan Toy wearing shirt with pacifier attached to mouth

Baby Stella: These soft dolls from Manhattan Toy Company offer nothing but love and cuddles to any child. With soft bodies and heads and tons of accessories to choose from, these dolls make great early companions for almost any age. Their flexible arms and legs make them great for posing and the soft material makes them light enough for kids to carry almost anywhere. Kids can sleep with them, too, without any concerns about small parts coming off and causing choking hazards. You can choose from several different skin tones, hair colors, and genders as well.

Lottie Dolls Pony Pals Olivia doll in riding clothes and boots sitting down

Lottie Dolls: These posable plastic dolls come in a wide variety of STEAM themes for almost any interest. Each doll includes removable clothes, and more accessories can be purchased as well. With their proportional body shape and interests based on actual children, these dolls make wonderful companions for a variety of imaginative play. They also stand up on their own two feet, and moving arms, legs, and heads make them easy to fit into many different places and accessories. As an added bonus, these dolls not only come in a variety of skin tones, but also include dolls with different abilities. 

Manhattan Toys Groovy girls with orange legs and green shoes in Girls Rock! t shirt

Groovy Girls: These soft dolls come with plenty of spunk and personality. Despite the name, you can find dolls of both genders in this line from Manhattan Toy Company. They also provide plenty of different skin tones, and hair and eye colors to represent a variety of ethnicities. Each Groovy Girl comes with a removable outfit, and molded shoes as well as brightly colored legs. You can get a variety of accessories for the dolls, including soft cars and horses and furniture in bright colors and patterns to complete your collection. These dolls hold up to repeat play so well that secondhand versions look and feel almost new.

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