Wrapping Paper Organizer

Wrapping paper organizer open and unzipped showing rolls of paper and supplies like tape and scissors

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Keep Supplies Under Wraps

Wrapping paper organizer open and unzipped showing rolls of paper and

  • What: Wrapping Paper Organizer
  • When: Pregnancy through college
  • Why: Affordable, durable, useful
  • Where: Amazon

Not sure what to do with all your remaining reversible wrapping paper? Have wrapping supplies taken over your household? If you want to get your wrapping stuff under control and all in one place, look no further than this Wrapping Paper Storage Container.

Wrapping Paper Storage Container on Amazon

Made to slide easily underneath a bed, this storage container can hold up to eight big rolls of wrapping paper (or more regular sized rolls), as well as all the other supplies you need for wrapping. With a double zipper that allows the entire top to open, getting rolls out presents no problem. A pocket at the top of the space holds tape, scissors, ribbon, and more. Two clear laminated pockets on the lid store gift bags, gift tags, tissue paper, or whatever else you’d like. This organizer comes in three different colors so you can choose the one you like best.

Wrapping paper storage organizer
A double zipper and handles on three sides make it easy to access your wrapping supplies.

I originally bought this storage organizer more than two years ago when we moved and I wanted a way to pack up our wrapping paper for transport. The tough material has held up well. With handles on three sides, it can be easily pulled and lifted from just about any angle. We store our container upright in a small space between the wall and furniture, and it keeps the wrapping paper and supplies just as pristine. It’s a dream come every holiday season. Even if we want to wrap gifts somewhere else to keep them away from prying eyes, we can easily carry the bin to any room. And everything we need stays right inside, meaning no more hunting for tape, scissors, or a marker to complete the job.

Wrapping paper storage organizer
The pocket at the top closes with hook and loop if you don’t overstuff it like us.

If you want to corral all your wrapping necessities in one easy to use and store container, order yours today. 

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